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Doula & Childbirth Educator in Ogden, UT

Hanan Webester is an amazing doula and teaches birth classes in Ogden, UT.

Hello! I’m Hanan, a 90’s kid who grew up in the Pacific NW! I met my husband right after high school, and then settled in Spokane, WA where we had our four beautiful girls. I love DIY projects, crafts, painting, Netflix binges, and indulging in sweets with my girlfriends.

We were one of those couples who didn’t think we needed a childbirth class or any education beforehand. We were young, and just knew what we heard from others and through media. I had an uneventful pregnancy, and at 39 weeks and 6 days, my water broke at work. I ended up with a medicated labor and delivery. I also had a second-degree tear, and the one thing I really remember from that birth was that there were people there I didn’t want there, and I wasn’t the first person to hold our child. Take two, still not knowing anything about how the body works, or that there were other options to birth, I had my second child in the hospital (After days of early labor, most likely due to malposition, which I didn’t know about then!), medicated, and unlike my first labor, the epidural did not work the same way and I had the “ring of fire” as she was born.

Hanan's beautiful family in Ogden, UT

After two births that wouldn’t seem traumatic to most, just did not feel like the way I personally should have had my children. Something wasn’t right. So, I started reading pregnancy books, watching documentaries, and learning more about natural births. I hired professional midwives, and had my last two children at home, in the water. The most amazing births ever!

To top all those births off, in 2019, at 38 weeks, I had a cesarean birth of twins as a surrogate, for a beautiful couple. While I tried hard to have a vaginal birth with them, sometimes even what you plan can change because of circumstances. And for whatever reason, these babies were breech and stayed that way.

Hanan's surrogacy birth in Ogden, UT

The first time I had heard of a doula was with my third birth. My midwife at the time asked me if I would be comfortable having a doula at my birth who was also training as a midwife. I remember how she made me feel. The comfort and counter pressure she used helped a lot! Fast forward, about four years ago, after moving to Utah, I started learning more and more about doula work. I truly believe birth work is my calling in life. I have always loved everything about birth, babies, and breastfeeding. After becoming a doula, I realized that I also love teaching about birth, and helping couples prepare for such a special day!

While I especially love teaching and supporting first time moms, I also have a special place in my heart for those that have had previous traumatic experiences, who need that extra support.

Birth classes near Ogden, UT

I love everything about Birth Boot Camp! I love the support you receive before, during, and especially after training. I love that our information is evidence based, cited, and especially useful for not just the birthing person but the partner as well. Birth Boot Camp isn’t just a method for labor, its comprehensive curriculums, tools, and support for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!

I trained as a Certified Birth Boot Camp doula and instructor in 2018! I loved the hands-on training, the group setting, and the fact that I felt prepared to run my business & classes from the moment we finished. I had the privilege of being trained by two of Birth Boot Camp’s Advisory board members; Donna Ryan and Hollie Hauptly! Both are amazing women, who I can always reach out to for help or advice. Not something so easily done with other organizations!

My favorite class to teach is our 10-Week Comprehensive Class! It’s the whole shebang – you really learn everything! It’s such valuable information that is especially helpful for births to come as well. I also love our Comfort Measures Workshop. I love helping partners learn how to be supportive in birth as well! There is so much information about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and birth. So much!! Birth Boot Camp does such a great job of organizing it all and giving us the tools and resources to teach the information in an interactive and fun way! Not to mention our books are beautiful and so well organized for couples!

Doula services near Ogden, UT

“Hanan is absolutely wonderful! She is so intelligent and amazing at what she does! I highly recommend her! She is very personal and so sweet. Me and my husband took a 10 week Birth Boot Camp class from her while I was pregnant with my first and had the best time! We both learned so much and were educated about so many things!” – Renea, first time mom

“My husband and I took the Comfort Measures class with Hanan and absolutely loved it! We both loved how informative and hands-on the class was. My husband really enjoyed how much the spouse/birthing partner is included in this class. It gave him the tools to really help me in accomplishing the type of birth I wanted. Hanan is extremely knowledgeable on all things birth and makes you feel very comfortable asking any questions! Highly recommend this class or any of her classes!” – Sarah, second pregnancy

Hanan is a doula and childbirth educator in Ogden, UT. You can find her at…

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