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Postpartum is an often neglected part of planning for a new baby. Postpartum doulas play an integral role in helping families adjust to the first days and weeks with a new baby. There is so much that new parents are learning and having extra hands and knowledge can help make that process a little easier. 

Becoming a postpartum doula is truly a gift to new parents. Our training and materials will help you give the best to your clients. Our community of birth professionals are here to support you as you build your business and impact the lives of families in your community.

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In-person & Online Trainings Available 

Instant Access to Training Modules

Childbirth Education Included

Breastfeeding Education & Lactation Training

Business Training

Ongoing Mentoring & Support

Marketing Materials

Postpartum Doula Handbook 

Fourth Trimester Guidebook for Your Clients

Complete your work beforehand and LEAVE CERTIFIED

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Childbirth Education

This is included in your training! You will have immediate access to our online childbirth classes to deepen your understanding and knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Breastfeeding Training

Learn how to support your clients during their breastfeeding journey with our Lactation Intensive for Birth Professionals.

Receive Your Postpartum Doula Handbook.

Every postpartum doula receives a copy of the Birth Boot Camp Postpartum Doula Handbook. It’s 150 pages of helpful information, resources, and tips.

Fourth Trimester Guidebook.

This amazing book is for your clients! It’s full of information to help guide your visits with your client and as an amazing resource for them. No more copying and creating handouts because it’s all done for you!

Leave certified!

You will complete all of your coursework before your training and leave certified! This is one thing that sets BBC apart. This puts everyone on the same page education wise and we are able to dive deep into being a doula and running a business while we are all together.

Ongoing Mentoring & Support.

After you complete your training you will be part of an amazing organization. Birth Boot Camp is a family! We’re here to support you as you grow your business and support more and more families.

One All- Inclusive Price of $795

In-Person Training

3 day workshop

Hands-on training

Complete the reading and all training modules before your live training

Receive your materials at your training 

Build community with other attendees at the training

Early BirdPay In FullPayment Plan

Save $100 by signing up as an Early Bird!*

*Early bird pricing is available until 3 months before scheduling deadline.

COMING SOON – Summer 2022

Online Training


Must be completed within 1 year after starting

A mix of reading, online videos, and written work, etc. 

Materials will be mailed to you

Virtual session with the Headquarters team

Get Notified When Registration Opens

In Person Training Dates & Locations

June 16-18, 2022 | Salt Lake City, UT  | Deadline – May 5th

June 16-18, 2022 | College Station, TX  | Deadline – May 5th

July 14-16, 2022 | Idaho Falls, ID  | Deadline – June 2nd

July 18-20, 2022 | Midland, TX  | Deadline – June 6th

September 8-10, 2022 | Dallas, TX  | Deadline – July 28th

October 17-19, 2022 | Minneapolis, MN  | Deadline – September 8th

November 7-9, 2022 | Kansas City, MO  | Deadline – September 29th


Recovery from birth

Postpartum self-care

Processing the birth

Newborn care

Supporting partners and family members

Infant feeding

Twins & multiples

Postpartum mood disorders

How to get hired

Home visits with your clients

Effective communication

Listening & communication skills

How to build your business

nd more!

How It Works

Step 1 - Register and Pay

Regular Price $795

Early Birth Price $695

Step 2 - Paperwork

After completing the registration form and payment you’ll be given immediate access to your training portal. You will receive an email with your log-in information. In the portal, you will find a link to sign some paperwork including our Policies & Procedures, Code of Conduct, and Non-compete agreement.

Step 3 - Complete Your Prerequisites

In your online portal you will find all of your training modules as well as the Comprehensive Childbirth Class. If you are attending an in-person training, all of your training modules must be complete before you attend your training.

Module 2 – Childbirth Education

Watch Birth Boot Camp’s online Comprehensive Childbirth Class and answer the questions in the Childbirth Education document. You will be given access to the Comprehensive Class as part of your training.

Module 3 – Breastfeeding

Watch the Breastfeeding Intensive for Birth Professionals video that’s included in your training

Module 4 – Movie

Module 5 – Support Groups

Attend two breastfeeding or postpartum support groups in your community.

Module 6 – Community Resources

Compile a list of local resources that will benefit your clients.

Read Some Success Stories

“After becoming a birth doula and childbirth educator, it just made sense to continue my education and take a postpartum doula training as well. It was such a treat to learn from Kristy Huber and her decades of knowledge and experience! Because I've had four of my own children (and having been a doula and childbirth educator for over 10 years), I went into training thinking that I would likely know a lot about what it takes to be a good postpartum doula, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn so much more than I ever thought I could. Not only was training filled with practical, hands on training, it also encouraged us to dig deeper and connect with each other on an empathetic and emotional level. The BBC Postpartum Doula training is comprehensive, thorough, enriching, and so fulfilling. You won't find a better postpartum doula training out there!”


“I really enjoyed my postpartum doula training with Birth Boot camp. I took the training to enhance my birth doula skills and love giving the 4th trimester guide to my clients to help their postpartum journey. The trainers are fantastic and wonderful to work with. The support and resources with Birth Boot camp are so helpful, that I am now certifying as a BBC birth doula as well.”



What Will You Learn?

  • Recovery from birth
  • Postpartum self-care
  • Processing the birth
  • Newborn care
  • Supporting partners and family members
  • Infant feeding
  • Twins & multiples
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • How to get hired
  • Home visits with your clients
  • Effective communication
  • Listening & communication skills
  • How to build your business 
  • And more!

What’s Included

  • 3 Days/ 20+ hours of instruction
  • Support from your trainer and the Headquarters team
  • Doula Handbook 
  • Supporting Arms Book
  • Sample Contract
  • Client Intake Forms
  • Marketing Materials – You’ll receive a sample of each of these
  • Stock Photography

Due to COVID-19, what should I do about the required birth observations?

Covid-19 has made it difficult for trainees to attend their required birth observations. We are being very lenient about this requirement. We still want you to reach out to those in your community to try and find births to attend. Keep in contact with your trainer and let her know how things are going with this requirement. If needed, we can grant an extension so that you can complete this after attending the training workshop. Be sure to contact us with any further questions at [email protected]