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      Read Some Success Stories

      “I took the Birth Boot Camp Comprehensive class before having my daughter as our birth class. I was able to have my baby naturally without any medication-yay! I thought that this was a great course and provided accurate and clear information. The Birth Boot Camp class was well organized and filmed in an enjoyable format”

      llyson Stellmach

      “My first experience with Birth Boot Camp was when my husband and I took the Comprehensive Class with an instructor before the birth of our first baby (2017). The class was fun and so informative! There was SO much I didn’t know about all the decisions I could make about my birth. Both my husband and I were so confident during the birth.”

      Anna Nevienski

      “Birth Boot Camp is so amazing! I wish these classes had been around when I was having children because nothing compares to how comprehensive and enjoyable they are. Now, after having gone through both instructor and doula training, I am amazed at how wonderful a company BBC is. Besides the fact that the training programs are really incredible, the amount of community and support is staggering. I'm so proud to be a part of the Birth Boot Camp team now!”

      Caryn Allen