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Hanan Webster is a doula and childbirth educator serving Northern Utah

Meet Hanan Webster

Doula & Childbirth Educator in Ogden, UT Hello! I’m Hanan, a 90’s kid who grew up in the Pacific NW! I met my husband right after high school, and then settled in Spokane, WA where we had our four beautiful girls. I love DIY projects, crafts, painting, Netflix binges, and indulging in sweets with my […]

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Healthy whole wheat pancake recipe

What to Eat Wednesday- Healthy Pancake Recipe

1 egg 1 c. whole wheat flour ¾ c. milk 1 Tbsp. honey 2 Tbsp. vegetable oil 3 tsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. salt butter Cinnamon (optional) Chopped walnuts (optional) 1) Mix liquids together first. Beat in remaining ingredients except butter until smooth. 2) Heat skillet over medium heat and grease with butter. 3) Pour […]

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Beautifully made bed with navy bed spread.

Make Your Dang Bed!

I think I started making my bed on a regular basis around 2005 when my husband and I bought the cutest blue house you ever saw. It was built in 1920 and was around 1,000 sq ft. It was a tiny little square shaped home that was separated into 4 rooms that was perfect for […]

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Baby celebrating first christmas with christmas lights

Baby’s First Christmas

Are you ready for the upcoming holidays with your new baby? Let us help! We want to make the holidays easy for you and created a list of some common gifts for Baby’s first Christmas. Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments Baby’s First Handprint or Footprint Ornament Kit My First Christmas Ornament Keepsake Personalized Baby Block Custom […]

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Caryn is a doula and childbirth educator in Provo, UT

Meet Caryn Allen

Instructor & Doula in Provo, UT I’m Caryn Allen, homeschooling mom of 4 (2 girls, 2 boys) and married to my sweetheart for the last 12 years. We currently live in Provo, Utah in what we hope will be our forever home. I’ve been playing the piano for 24 years in just about every capacity, […]

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Holly teaches birth classes in Katy, TX

Meet Holly Milkowski

Doula & Instructor in Katy, TX In my life outside birth work, I’m a writer, homeschooling parent of two boys, collector of many things, and when I start petting dogs I find it very hard to stop. My first child was a surprise. I was newly married and thoroughly unprepared for pregnancy. Still, I did […]

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Woman delivered breech baby at home with midwife

A Footling Breech Home Birth

This is the story of our third child’s birth in February of 2014. I switched from an OBGYN to a homebirth midwife sometime around 27-29 weeks, and eagerly began planning for our first home birth. At this point I had training as both a childbirth educator and doula, but hadn’t been teaching or supporting women […]

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A dump cake with cherries and pineapple

What to Eat Wednesday- Dump Cake

A very easy, and delicious crowd pleaser! 1 can of cherry pie filling1 can of crushed pineapples1 stick of butter1 box of white cake Dump the cans of fruit filling in a 9×13 pan. Mix together. Sprinkle the box of cake mix evenly over the filling. Do not mix. Add small pats of butter on […]

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Chiropractor adjusting a pregnant woman

Chiropractic Care For Pregnant Women

Chiropractic Care For Pregnant Women Birth workers who pay attention have long realized that chiropractic care for pregnant women can make an incredible positive difference in the birth experience. This guest post from our resident chiropractic expert, Dr Kristin Hosaka, explains not just the benefit of chiropractic care for pregnant women, but exactly how it […]

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Orange Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich - Healthy Pregnancy Recipe

What to Eat Wednesday – Orange Almond Chicken Salad

This is the best chicken salad recipe! You won’t ever need another one. It’s so simple and fast. 1 cup slivered almonds 2Tbsp green onion 1 20 oz. can crushed pineapple, well drained 1 11oz. can mandarin oranges, well drained 1/4 tsp salt 2 cups shredded chicken (canned chicken works great for this) 1/2 cup […]

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