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What To Eat Wednesday – Heirloom Caprese Salad

We love this easy, full-of-flavor salad. Candiauce Klein, one of our Birth Boot Camp instructors and doulas shared today’s What To Eat Wednesday. “This is such a quick and easy recipe that can be used as a side or summer treat!” Great way to use up the end of your garden harvest. Thank you Candiauce […]

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date snacks

What to Eat Wednesday – Date Snacks

August is in full swing and momma’s to be, momma’s of little ones, and mommas prepping their growing kids to get off to school need ideas for quick afternoon snacks. Thank you to Caroline Gea for this weeks What to Eat Wednesday! These date snacks are super fast and a great alternative if you have […]

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Become a Birth Doula

Take a look inside one of our Birth Boot Camp Doula Trainings and see what makes our doulas unique! Our 2020 Doula Training Workshop dates are now posted! We would love to have you join us.

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What to Eat Wednesday – Coconut Cookies

A quick treat with minimal clean up is perfect for summer. We have a one bowl prep recipe for you for What to Eat Wednesday! Today’s is a repeat submission from Melissa Ritchie’s student Laura Roberg. Melissa serves couples in Plano, Frisco, Denton, McKinney, Dallas, and other surrounding areas in Texas and can be found through […]

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What to Eat Wednesday

We have a great time getting together as a Headquarters team! We are spread out over several states so it is awesome whenever we get the chance to have all of us in one location! Last month we gathered together in Denver Colorado to record our new online classes. After recording and meetings we enjoyed […]

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8 Things No One Told Me About Breastfeeding

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I just assumed I would breastfeed, I mean that’s just what you do when you have a baby these days, right? Breastfeeding has so many amazing benefits, it’s the perfect food specifically tailored to your baby’s needs, it helps their immune system, provides comfort, […]

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Pets & Babies

Judging by the popularity of pet-proud bumper stickers, talking animal movies, and fur-baby costume contests, it’s safe to say animal companionship is a common quality of American life — one that families don’t wish to forgo when expecting their own human baby. So how do they make it work? The first thing to consider is […]

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Janet Farmer, AMAZING Birth Boot Camp Doula in Florida

What first got you interested in doula work? After the birth of my 3 children, I was given the opportunity to work as a birth assistant for my midwife. From there I moved on to teaching classes and supporting women as a Doula! I firmly believe every mom deserves a Doula and I feel honored […]

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