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Top 5 Practices for Postpartum Self Care

By: Caryn Allen Congratulations, you’ve finally had your baby! You must be feeling so much relief and joy, staring at your beautiful newborn and soaking up every little sight, sound, and smell they make. You may also be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed thinking about everything that has to be done in a day. Here are […]

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3 Reasons to Sign Up for Training TODAY!

So you’ve learned about Birth Boot Camp and have considered training, but haven’t made the jump yet. There might be a few different reasons holding you back, which I totally understand! Trust me, I’ve been there before. But there is no greater time to invest in YOU than right now!  You’ve looked at training dates […]

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Natural Hospital Birth – A Birth Boot Camp Birth Story

By: Chatney Thibodeau At 36 weeks and 4 days, my water spontaneously broke on my toilet at 5pm. A classic “we don’t even have the car seat installed” moment. I called my midwife who encouraged me to eat and rest until things picked up, and joked that she would see me in the morning. I […]

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What to Eat Wednesday – Potato Soup

It’s September, and that means it’s almost fall! Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons, and one of those reasons is that it’s soup season! Soups are so easy to make, super tasty, and almost always really healthy for you. This is my favorite potato soup, which is perfect for those […]

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Meet Amsy Dees – Doula in Lakeland, Florida

Hi, I’m Amsy! I’m a certified birth doula with Birth Boot Camp and loving it! I am also a mom to two little girls and wife to a big teddy bear of a man. I like to be outside, swimming, hiking, white water rafting, and I love to read and research all things birth. I’ve […]

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Can Your Partner Be Your Doula?

The question “Can your partner be your doula?” has so many layers. Let’s unpack this idea for the next few minutes and you decide. At Birth Boot Camp, we “train couples for an amazing birth” – not just mom, but couples. That includes dads, or partners. They will understand what is happening as the labor […]

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Meet Rebekah Bryant – Doula in Mequite, Texas

I’m Rebekah! I’m 22. I come from a large family. I am child 8 of 9 and I have 16 nieces and nephews. I am a Nanny and a Doula. I completed my doula training in February of 2021. I’m so excited to help couples on their journey to becoming parents and I can’t wait […]

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Our Best Breastfeeding Advice – National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month and we’re excited to talk about it! Breastfeeding can be a beautiful, timeless connection for both mom and baby, but it can also be filled with a whole host of difficulties. One thing we’re very passionate about here at Birth Boot Camp is making sure women have proper breastfeeding […]

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Meet Jackie Woodfin – Doula in Tyler, Texas

I’m a wife & mom of five kids, living in East Texas. I’ve been a lifestyle coach for 13 years and love helping others lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Traveling and experiencing other cultures/lifestyles is a passion of mine while hobbies include snow & water sports (really anything outdoors). I also love sign language, reading, and […]

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Birth Plans – What You Really Need to Know

Let’s talk about birth plans!  “What are they, what do they do, and how do I make one,” are all questions you might be asking yourself as you prepare to give birth to your baby. Maybe you heard about birth plans from your sister, a friend at church, a neighbor, or your local mom group. […]

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