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Comprehensive Childbirth Class

Comprehensive Childbirth Class The Comprehensive Childbirth Class series is our most popular class! It includes everything taught in all our other classes and it’s, by far, the best bang for your buck! This class consists of 10 sessions that cover everything you need to know to have an amazing birth. If you desire an unmedicated […]

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Pregnancy Food & Fitness Class

Food & Fitness: Health for the Childbearing Year There is probably no other time in life where your food and fitness are more important than the year you grow and birth a baby. With our thousands of students over the years, we have seen the difference nutrition and exercise make during the childbearing year, especially […]

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Hospital Birth Class

Birth Boot Camp wants to help you prepare for an AMAZING hospital birth experience. Our Hospital Birth Class is specifically designed for those planning a hospital birth who want to be informed and able to navigate their birthplace. Communication, labor tools, and knowledge specific to the hospital birth experience can help you be empowered for […]

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Nita Gunn, Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Educator and Doula in Southlake Texas

Meet Nita Gunn – Instructor and Doula in Southlake, TX

My name is Nita Gunn and I am a birth doula and childbirth educator with Birth Boot Camp. I am married to my college sweetheart and the mom of four amazing kids. My first birth was full of unnecessary interventions and ultimately ended in a cesarean. It was nothing like I imagined and made those […]

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Baby sitting on mom's lap next to dad on the couch who is reading to baby

Why Babies Prefer Moms Over Dads

~by Donna Ryan~ We live in a time where the title of this blog post might be considered controversial. My intention in writing this is not to make enemies but to discuss why this statement is true. I see so many couples struggling with early parenthood, I believe, because they thought this process of going back to […]

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Shelby Tolar, childbirth educator in Bedford Texas

Meet Shelby Tolar – Childbirth Educator in Bedford, TX

Hey y’all! I’m Shelby Tolar and I became a Mama in 2017. The pregnancy and birth of my first daughter was the complete opposite of everything I had dreamed of for 8 years. We had to have 4 ECVs around 36-38 weeks and she refused to stay head down, and once she did finally get […]

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African American couple, each holding a newborn, with their toddler sitting between them

Cesarean Recovery Tips

April is Cesarean Awareness Month, so we’ve been talking all about it the last couple of weeks! A cesarean is major abdominal surgery, which means your recovery is going to look quite a bit different than with a vaginal birth, so here’s some tips from a few of our instructors and doulas on what they […]

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10 reasons to certify with Birth Boot Camp

10 Reasons to Certify with Birth Boot Camp

1. Leave Your Training Certified! When you certify with Birth Boot Camp, you complete all your coursework prior to attending a training. This allows everyone to be on the same page at the beginning of training so we can dive right in and focus on building connections, forming relationships, and learning all the hands on […]

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Kelsie Terry, Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula in Lawton, Oklahoma

Meet Kelsie Terry – Instructor & Doula in Lawton, OK

I’m Kelsie, military spouse and mother of two. I grew up in a small one-stoplight town in Oklahoma. I attended a community college right out of high school on a leadership scholarship, planning to major in dental hygiene, but I never felt overly passionate about my chosen career path. I changed majors a few times […]

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