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Can Your Partner Be Your Doula?

The question “Can your partner be your doula?” has so many layers. Let’s unpack this idea for the next few minutes and you decide. At Birth Boot Camp, we “train couples for an amazing birth” – not just mom, but couples. That includes dads, or partners. They will understand what is happening as the labor […]

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Meet Rebekah Bryant – Doula in Mequite, Texas

I’m Rebekah! I’m 22. I come from a large family. I am child 8 of 9 and I have 16 nieces and nephews. I am a Nanny and a Doula. I completed my doula training in February of 2021. I’m so excited to help couples on their journey to becoming parents and I can’t wait […]

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Our Best Breastfeeding Advice – National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month and we’re excited to talk about it! Breastfeeding can be a beautiful, timeless connection for both mom and baby, but it can also be filled with a whole host of difficulties. One thing we’re very passionate about here at Birth Boot Camp is making sure women have proper breastfeeding […]

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Meet Jackie Woodfin – Doula in Tyler, Texas

I’m a wife & mom of five kids, living in East Texas. I’ve been a lifestyle coach for 13 years and love helping others lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Traveling and experiencing other cultures/lifestyles is a passion of mine while hobbies include snow & water sports (really anything outdoors). I also love sign language, reading, and […]

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Birth Plans – What You Really Need to Know

Let’s talk about birth plans!  “What are they, what do they do, and how do I make one,” are all questions you might be asking yourself as you prepare to give birth to your baby. Maybe you heard about birth plans from your sister, a friend at church, a neighbor, or your local mom group. […]

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New Doula & Instructor Trainer – Caren Nugent

We are so excited to be bringing on a new doula and instructor trainer, Caren Nugent! She is an amazing asset to the Birth Boot Camp team and we have no doubt that she will teach amazing trainings. Here’s your chance to get to know her a little bit. Where are you from? I was […]

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What to Eat Wednesday – Blender Puff 4-6-8

This quick and easy breakfast recipe was submitted by Jennifer Swiney, a BBC doula in Grand Prairie, Texas. She says, “I’ve been a BBCD since 2015. I love birth work in DFW, but it can be challenging to feed my family, homeschool, and manage a busy schedule. I love finding a dish that everyone can […]

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The Babymoon

When we took a honeymoon after our wedding, it was after the wedding. It wasn’t just a vacation. It was a time to be away from our normal routines, work, people, and surroundings. A time to get to know one another as a married couple. It was a special time, and it was different from other trips […]

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Keeping Your Pregnancy Cool This Summer

There are lots of advantages to Summer or Fall due dates. Cute baby swimsuits and Saturdays by the pool come to mind. But the hot weather and the extra weight and discomfort that can occur during pregnancy, don’t always make a pregnant mama feel fabulous. You may feel more sweaty than glowing. Here are some […]

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