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Childbirth Educator - A fulfilling career

Childbirth Educator: A Job That Fills My Soul

My love of birth was a slow progression. After I had my first baby I wanted everyone to know how amazing birth could be. I wanted all women to have the experience I did and I told anyone who would give me five minutes of their time all about it.  When I was pregnant with […]

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What should I eat while I'm in labor? Pregnant woman eating a pear.

What Should I Eat & Drink During Labor?

  Think of labor as a marathon. Your body is working hard and doing the work we call labor. Your body needs hydration and fuel throughout labor to continue working at it’s best. Here are some great ideas to have ready for your labor. Water Coconut Water “Labor-aide” Juice Broth Yogurt Nuts Granola Honey Sticks […]

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11 Reasons To Take a Childbirth Class

11 Reasons To Take a 10-Week Birth Class

11 Reasons To Take A 10-Week Birth Class When preparing for birth, couples inevitably must make decisions about what is most important to them and what fits into their financial situation.  Birth classes are offered everywhere and vary greatly.  From buffet style hospital classes (where you pick and choose which classes you need), to independent […]

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A new mom smiling at her newborn baby laying on the bed

Expectations as a New Mom

I babysat a lot growing up. I was the go-to girl in my neighborhood. You need a sitter? Call Cheryl. She’s fun, great with kids, and won’t eat all the snacks in the pantry while you’re gone. I was responsible, polite, and made sure parents came home to a clean house and happy children. I […]

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Sensory bin for kids with noodles

8 Activities You Can Do With Older Siblings Once Baby Comes

I knew when I traded in my almost 5 year elementary teaching profession to be a full-time stay at home mom, I wanted to incorporate various activities into our weekly routine so that my then baby would have a lot of opportunities to learn, explore, and grow. I started introducing sensory bins and activities to […]

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Stacked Enchilada Casserole

What to Eat Wednesday – Stacked Enchilada Casserole

  Stacked Enchilada Casserole 1 can of Enchilada sauce or homemade 1 pound cooked meat of choice – Fajitas meat or taco seasoned ground beef or turkey 6-8 Corn or flour tortillas 1 can refried beans 4 cups shredded cheddar or mont jack cheese optional stuffings – corn, black beans, chopped veggies optional toppings – […]

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Mother sitting in a field of wild flowers while breastfeeding her baby

World Breastfeeding Week – What Did You Love About Breastfeeding

It’s World Breastfeeding Week and as we celebrate we wanted to know what you love about breastfeeding.   I loved that breastfeeding gave me an excuse to rest and just be present with my little one. –Hannan Webster  What I loved most about breastfeeding is that it provided instant nourishment and comfort to my little […]

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baby led weaning baby eating brocoli

Baby Led Weaning – The Basics

The term “Baby Led Weaning” or BLW for short, was originally coined by Gill Rapley and is an approach to infant feeding based on the premise of allowing baby to feed themselves solid foods rather than the traditional puree on a spoon method. This type of feeding gives the baby an opportunity to explore different […]

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Self care during covid-19

Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic

During these unprecedented times, we know that everything is taking a toll on our mental health. Many of us are struggling with extra worries and concerns, many have lost employment, families are trying to decide to approach their children’s education this upcoming school year. So much is different in our lives right now. Here are […]

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Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

Our What to Eat Wednesday is a little different this month. This month we’re giving you the ultimate list of healthy snacks. If you’re craving something salty or sweet, this list has you covered. What are your favorite healthy snacks during pregnancy? Fruit salad Vegetable tray Cheese sticks Apples and peanut butter Celery and nut […]

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