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Introducing Andrea Brannock, Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainer

Introducing Andrea Brannock, Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainer

Growth seems never ending here at Birth Boot Camp. We have just added two more instructor trainers to our ranks! Today we introduce Andrea Brannock, Instructor Trainer.

Andrea was in one of our very first instructor trainings in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has been with us from the beginning. She is a mother of five, a Birth Boot Camp DOULA, a trained elementary school teacher, and now, a Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainer. We have no doubt that she will bring her beauty, love, support, and all her own unique skills to every training she hosts and every trainee she mentors. She truly has it all and her trainees will have the gift of a devoted mentor.

We love her and you will too!


One thing we love about Andrea is that she always makes us blush. Why? Because she has always had an overwhelming love for and belief in what we do. Nothing compares to her enthusiasm and dedication. When asked why she wanted to become an instructor trainer with Birth Boot Camp, she said,

“I want to train new Birth Boot Camp instructors simply because I love Birth Boot Camp. This curriculum and the company are amazing. The curriculum is changing the lives of expectant families.

I want more families to enjoy this knowledge and experience what it can bring to them. The more instructors we have across the country the more families can have a positive birth experience.”

We’re so flattered and excited to have her step into this role as a trainer! Her “why” is the same of ours and that is a powerful thing.


We know that being successful in birth work takes more than a vague desire to help people have better births. You need a fire in your belly; a passion and a sure knowledge that this work matters. Andrea has this. She says,

“Teaching and being a doula has given me a passion, a love and a purpose I didn’t know I had. I love my children and love that I get to be a mom, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But this birth business that I get to do gives me something for me.

I can honestly say my “job” is my self care. It fills my cup when I get to do this work I become a better me, a better mom and a better wife. I love serving families and helping them as they prepare for one of the most important days of their life. I always find it an honor when I get to play a small part in their journey.”

introducing andrea brannock, Birth Boot Camp instructor trainer

How lucky will all those who get to train with this woman be? Not only will they learn from someone who loves their job, they too can find a path to self-fulfillment that brings joy to their life.


What is your favorite part of your work?

We love asking this questions of birth workers because the answers are always heartwarming and a sign that this profession is filled with wonder. When we asked Andrea what her favorite part of birth work was, she said,

“Hands down the best part of birth is watching dad. Watching him as he stands in amazement of his wife as she works hard to bring their baby into the world. When he meet his baby and falls in love for the first time. And then, when I looks up at mom full of joy, love, adoration and pride for her and her hard. Dads are the best. That is why I love Birth Boot Camp so much. We are all about helping HIM feel prepared too.”

instroducing andrea brannock, instructor trainer

As we add classes, trainers, and programs, things shift and change at Birth Boot Camp. This is part of growth. But at our core, we are a company that doesn’t just want to teach birth classes, we want to strengthen each person and family who prepares for birth or parenthood.

We are so thrilled to have another instructor trainer joining us who has truly caught the vision of what we do.


Andrea lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas but is looking forward to traveling for her trainings. She says,

“I have always had a love for the east coast and the Pacific Northwest, even though I have never been, so I look forward to marking that off my bucket list. I’m also planning trainings where I have family; Arizona, Utah, Illinois and Texas.”

Wherever you live, we have a training close to you! Not only can you join the ranks of the Birth Boot Camp family of instructors and doulas, you can now do it more easily and closer to home.

Welcome Andrea, and thank you for joining us. We are so excited for what you bring!


You can find a complete list of instructor trainings on our website.

If you would like to contact Andrea directly, you can message her at [email protected] or you can visit her website at

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