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Introducing Your Newest Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainers

Introducing Your Newest Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainers

When we started Birth Boot Camp in 2012, we did a limited number of trainings and traveled with a large crew. It was fun and allowed the Headquarters team the opportunity to get to know all of our instructors.

Demand, however, increased. Exponentially.

Adding our instructor trainers took everything about our instructor training program to the next level. Now, prospective teachers across the country can train in a city closer to them and have support from an even larger team and from their individual trainers. Plus, our experienced instructors have the opportunity to make their birth business a career.

We are proud to announce the addition new instructor trainers to our Birth Boot Camp family, and re-introduce our original trainers who are now setting off to come train near you. With the addition of these four new individual trainers, we now have a total of eight instructor trainers, located all over the country and excited to travel! You can find a training near you, bring a training near you, but know that each and every one of our trainers is carefully chosen, trained, and ready to bring the unique culture of Birth Boot Camp to your own community.

That’s a beautiful thing.

Welcome ladies, we can’t wait to meet your new trainees and make birth more amazing!

Introducing Your Newest Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainers

Andrea Brannock

Andrea took one of our earliest trainings after childbirth education changed her life. She now has five children, is a dedicated and incredible mother, and our newest Instructor Trainer. She is a Birth Boot Camp DOULA, instructor, and, in another life, was an elementary school teacher. It seems to us like she was destined to be a Birth Boot Camp trainer!

Andrea is excited to travel all over the country for instructor trainings.

You will adore this incredible lady!

Introducing Your Newest Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainers

Jillian Blakeman

When Jillian stands in front of a room to teach, everyone sits up. Her classrooms are entertaining, fun, and a place of incredible learning. Jillian is also excited to travel the country to train and she and Andrea, both located out of Dallas/Fort Worth, will do some awesome team trainings.

If you happen to have an incredible aquarium in your city, you may want to message her. It’s a big draw for the Blakeman family!

Donna Ryan

Donna isn’t a new trainer, she’s the original founder, trainer, and boss lady extraordinaire. With the new training format and our single trainers setting off to make this certification more accessible, Donna is now training on her own! You can find her trainings in and around South Dakota. Make a trip to the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, and old west, and fit your training in with an awe inspiring trip!

Introducing Your Newest Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainers

Left to right: Sarah Clark (California), Jillian Blakeman (Texas), Andrea Brannock (Texas), Donna Ryan (South Dakota).

Find your training and change the world!

We are striving to make Birth Boot Camp more than just childbirth education. Our trainings are intense, our materials are off the charts amazing, our curriculum is perfection, and we are constantly striving to make everything better.

With the addition of four more instructor trainers, there couldn’t be a better time to join and start teaching childbirth classes in your own community.

We each do a little, but together, thousands and thousands of births are more amazing for mom, dad, and baby.

Sign up for your childbirth educator training today! To see a complete list of our current childbirth educator trainings, click here.

Meet your newest birth boot camp instructor trainers!

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