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Introducing Jillian Blakeman,  Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainer

Introducing Jillian Blakeman,  Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainer

We love adding each and every one of our instructor trainers. Welcoming Jillian was no different. She is one of our busiest instructors, is amazing at networking, and is unforgettable and entertaining in the best way. You will love her trainings. Let’s get to know her a little better.

Introducing Jillian Blakeman,  Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainer


We love to know why people apply to become our Birth Boot Camp instructor trainers. Jillian’s answers, frankly, make us feel pretty good!

“I want to help women build businesses as childbirth educators. Birth Boot Camp instructors is hands down the best vehicle for that goal. The Birth Boot Camp Standard is hard to miss: the rigorous prerequisite work, the tailored curricula, the quality of the materials, can you say #BirthStockPhotography, the integrity of the headquarters team and their dedication to supporting instructors. There is no company better suited to help childbirth educators succeed.”


Teaching childbirth education is unique. You aren’t generally there for the birth, but for the journey towards it. Rather than assisting at the birth, you facilitate growth and communication leading up to it. There isn’t a lot of glitz, but it is incredible in it’s own way. Jillian is a born teacher. She says,

“For this task I was made.

I love to see neurons firing; the “aha” spark dancing across someone’s face is my joy.”

That’s why we love it.

introducing Jillian, Birth Boot Camp instructor trainer


Those who work in the birth world have something they love about birth. Jillian has a favorite thing too.

“My favorite thing about birth is creation. A mom is created where there was a woman. A father is created. A child becomes a brother or a sister. A vessel for love appears and we are all made better for it.”


One of the perks of being an instructor trainer is the opportunity to travel, even with family, and do what you love at the same time.

“I plan to host trainings in DFW, Atlanta, Houston, St Paul, Lubbock, and anywhere with an amazing aquarium, art museum, or zoo. (I’m looking at you Omaha.)”

Check out our childbirth educator training dates and sign up for one of our incredible trainings today!

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