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Meet Caren Nugent! 

Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula Trainer

Photo of women - Caren Nugent Birth Boot Camp Trainer

My name is Caren Nugent and I am a proud Birth Boot Camp Instructor, Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Instructor and Birth Doula Trainer. I live in Arlington, Texas, where my husband and I both grew up and decided to raise our two children. Although we have deep roots in Arlington, we also have a passion for exploring the world and look forward to more exciting travels in the future.

Birth Boot Camp: Where It All Began

My journey with Birth Boot Camp began in 2015 when I started as an Instructor. Over the years, I’ve grown with the organization, adding roles such as Doula and, most recently in 2022, Postpartum Doula. What drew me to Birth Boot Camp and has kept me enthusiastic all these years is its commitment to being evidence-based and continually updating and refreshing its curriculum. Teaching classes are made wonderfully convenient as Birth Boot Camp provides comprehensive materials, from teaching outlines to PowerPoints, and everything is beautifully branded and cohesive. The supportive and approachable headquarters team genuinely wants every instructor to succeed, and that sense of community is invaluable.

Empowering Others: Becoming a Trainer

After several years of teaching, I developed a strong desire to empower others to become instructors and doulas themselves. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my passion for Birth Boot Camp and showcasing our outstanding materials, so becoming a trainer felt like a natural progression. As your trainer, my primary goal is to see you succeed. I want to assist you in gaining confidence in your teaching and doula skills, and I also relish the opportunity to learn from my trainees.

A Fun Tidbit: My Background in Sex Education

Here’s a fun tidbit about me: I hold a bachelor’s degree in Sex Education. Originally, my plan was to teach sex education in a high school setting, but life had other plans. I got married, became a stay-at-home mom, and eventually found my calling in the world of birth. Surprisingly, my background in sex education has been incredibly valuable in my teaching and doula work. It’s given me a unique sense of humor, one I inherited from my professors, which makes discussing sensitive and less commonly talked about topics both enjoyable and relaxed. I never imagined my degree would lead me to a career in birth work, but I’ve embraced every moment of this incredible journey.

Photo of Caren Nugent teaching a childbirth education class

Creating a Unique Teaching Space

When it comes to my teaching space, I bring my own special brand of eccentricity. You’ll find me in a full “Miss Frizzle” outfit, complete with a sperm and egg dress, stork leggings, an oxytocin necklace, a uterus headband, and sperm earrings. Where else but in this line of work could I flaunt such attire with pride? My teaching space, located in my home, is transformed into a designated “birthy” room, adorned with a uterus rug, birth-themed artwork, and my collection of crochet breasts, vulva, and a breastfeeding puppet. It never fails to bring smiles to my students’ faces, making them feel like they’re embarking on a magical journey, much like the adventures of Miss Frizzle and her students on the Magic School Bus.

The Exciting Journey Ahead

I am thrilled to continue sharing my passion, knowledge, and unique teaching style with the Birth Boot Camp community, and I look forward to the incredible journey ahead with each and every one of you.


“I got to enjoy Caren’s teaching skills and passion during the Doula Certification Training. Caren very clearly delivered the information, as well as, went over and above to answer all the questions the class had. She made sure that each one of us felt confident and ready to begin our new careers!” -J.S
“As a fellow birth worker and trainer, I had the privilege of observing Caren’s doula training. Caren is such a fun teacher!! She has personality galore and is so warm, funny, and approachable! She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about birth work and loves to share that knowledge with others. You will absolutely leave her training feeling confident and ready to support growing families!” -D.J
“I attended one of Caren’s birth doula trainings and learned so much! I am so grateful that she is using her skills and knowledge to help people follow their passions into the birth world and I look forward to working with her as a fellow birth professional.” -K.K

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