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Building your birth team will be one of the most important steps you take when preparing for your birth. You won’t regret taking the time to interview, talk with, and ask questions to your care provider or potential care provider. Just because you like your doctor doesn’t mean that they are the right person for your birth or that they are at the right hospital for you. You will want to find a doctor or midwife that shares the same birth philosophy as you, that you and your partner feel comfortable with and a care provider that you trust will make the right call during your pregnancy, labor and birth.

Your Care Provider

Some questions you may want to consider when looking for a Care Provider

Do they share the same birth philosophy as you?

Does your care provider…

  • Make time for you when you have questions and answers your questions thoroughly?
  • Make your partner feel included and take time to answer their questions?
  • Routinely preform episiotomies?
  • Routinely break water?
  • Do you know your doctors and hospitals cesarean rates?

Are there policies your doctor or hospital have that you don’t feel support your birthing wishes? Such as:

  • Everyone gets an IV
  • Vaginal exams during pregnancy or frequent vaginal exams in labor
  • Induction before 42 weeks
  • Mom has to labor in bed
  • Everyone pushes on their back
  • Discourages movement during labor
  • No food or drink during labor

Questions to consider when looking for a midwife.

  • Is she licensed?
  • Can she suture if needed?
  • What is her transfer rate?
  • Under what circumstances would she transfer to the hospital?
  • What supplies does she bring to your birth?
  • Is she CPR certified?

Are you already pregnant and feel that maybe your care provider isn’t right for you? That’s okay, you can switch to a new care provider at any time.

A Birth Doula

The next step in building your birth team would be interviewing and hiring a doula. Research shows that having continuous labor support results in less use of pain medication, shorter labors, less interventions, higher breastfeeding rates, lower chance of a cesarean section, improves bonding between mother and baby, and an overall more positive birthing experience. Your partner and doula work as a beautiful team. Your doula has intimate knowledge of birth and your partner has intimate knowledge of you. Having a doula can help your partner feel more confident supporting you; allowing him/her to focus on supporting you emotionally while your doula can focus on educational and physical support.

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Childbirth Educator

The next step in building your birth team is choosing a childbirth instructor that will help prepare you for birth, build your confidence in yourself and your partner, and give you the tools you and your partner need to achieve the birth you desire. Birth Boot Camp offers many options for classes both online and in person to prepare you for your upcoming birth.


The final step in building your birth team is considering other people who may impact your birth. Do you have a Chiropractor? Are they ICPA certified or Webster certified?

Seeing a chiropractor throughout pregnancy can provide benefits during pregnancy and labor…

  • Faster births
  • Optimize space for baby
  • Balance the pelvis to optimally position baby
  • A more comfortable pregnancy

You can find an ICPA certified chiropractor from local recommendations or online at

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Other People In Your Birth Team

Who have you invited to your birth? Friends, family, in-laws, or a photographer? Are they supportive of your birthing wishes? Did you hire an experienced birth photographer? Are they comfortable with the birthing process? These are all people who may impact your birth in both positive and negative ways.

Have you started building your ideal birth team yet? If not, it’s never too late to start!

Amy Anderson was born and raised in Oklahoma, Go Pokes! She has five littles, each has their own wonderfully unique birth story. One emergency cesarean, one repeat cesarean, two hospital VBA2C’s and an HBA2C. Through her birth journey, Amy’s passion for birth grew, so she became a birth doula in 2009. Then, seeing the need for better education before labor she decided to find a comprehensive childbirth education program. That is when she found Birth Boot Camp. Amy has been a Birth Boot Camp Instructor since 2012. She is thrilled to be offering Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula trainings in many different locations.

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