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Against the Odds: The Breech Birth of Twins

By November 9, 2018November 12th, 2018No Comments

This month’s birth story comes from Rachel O’Dwyer who had an amazing birth thanks to a wonderful support system that included her Birth Boot Camp instructor, Jillian Blakeman, along with her incredible care providers and family!


Our birth story actually starts a year before our babies arrived. Our first pregnancy through IVF ended in miscarriage, it was the first time I truly understood and felt the feeling of being heartbroken. At that time, I’d found the Origins midwives, and they stood by my side, came to my scan, and sat on the couch with me while I cried and we talked about our feelings. I knew then these women would be with me moving forward through any pregnancy.

Our second pregnancy was twins! We found an incredible ob, Dr. Cummings, recommended by the midwives, and found ourselves past due with twins! When my water broke I was relieved and scared. They all patiently believed in me and the process, and allowed me to labor for two days.

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We delivered at the hospital two breech babies vaginally, just as we’d hoped and dreamed and worked for! Since they were both almost 7 pounds, we got to take them straight home from hospital with us, another dream. Reading it back now it’s almost unbelievable, yet dreams do come true. The past year and a half we’ve experienced the highest and lowest times of our lives, and have been shaped permanently by the support and incredible people we were surrounded by during our birth experience.

We are truly grateful for our care providers and for our sweet rainbow babies.

Do you have questions about breech or twin birth? We would love for you to reach out so we can connect you with a childbirth educator or doula in your area!

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