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Dealing with Pregnancy in the Summer- BIrth Boot Camp

Dealing with Pregnancy in the Summer

There are lots of advantages to Summer or Fall due dates. Cute baby swimsuits and Saturdays by the pool come to mind. But the hot weather and the extra weight and discomfort that can occur during pregnancy, don’t always make a pregnant mama feel fabulous. You may feel more sweaty than glowing.

Here are some tips for how to deal with pregnancy in the summer so you enjoy each day as much as possible. 

Go natural

No, we’re not talking about the birth room this time- go natural with your fabrics. From your clothes to your sheets, choosing natural fabrics rather than synthetics will help with breathability and wicking away moisture. Linen, cotton, and even rayon are great options for your summer pregnancy wardrobe.

Embrace the Muumuu

Speaking of clothing, it’s time to embrace your inner hippie. Go with looser, more flowy clothing. There are lots of maternity clothes available today, from classic business suits to bridesmaid dresses. While they look nice and are necessary for some activities, a good old-fashioned muumuu might be just what the Summer ordered.

keeping your pregnancy cool this summer

Make ice water your new best friend

Find an incredible insulated cup, add ice, add water, then repeat. The bigger your cup, the better! Do some simple math to figure out how many ounces of water you need each day; usually your body weight divided by two is the number of ounces you should drink daily. However, depending on your activity level and the heat, you may need more. Then find out how many times you should refill your cup each day and do it! Keep your cup with you all day long and sip on it.

keeping your pregnancy cool this summer

Eat right

And by “eating right” we mean eat things you don’t have to cook. Luckily, lots of these foods are healthy for you too; fresh fruits and vegetables, salads with your favorite protein source thrown on top, healthy whole-grain sandwiches with leafy greens and some grilled chicken. Yummy. And no oven required so no need to heat your kitchen up. 

Need some ideas? Check out our favorite pregnancy snacks. They are good and good for you.

Cool showers

They aren’t just for teenage boys anymore. Maybe you never enjoyed a cold shower before pregnancy, but a long day in the heat when carrying an extra person around certainly merits some new habits.

It’s refreshing. Seriously.


You probably have some kind of cooling device in your home, but even if the air-conditioner works amazingly well, a simple box fan is a cheap way to add some air circulation.

Go ahead, sit in front of it. And if you don’t have an awesome air conditioner, lay down some ice in a pan in front of your fan. It will be lovely.

If the room is super-hot already, you can turn your fans around, place in the window, and blow out some of the accumulated warm air.

And don’t forget old fashioned paper fans or those amazing hand-held mister fans. They are perfect to keep in your purse, so you don’t get overheated.

Rice socks

Maybe you already have a sock filled with rice prepared for your birth. We all know that a hot pack can really help with relaxation during labor and rice socks work well warmed in the microwave for labor relaxation.

The trusty rice pack can help cool you down during pregnancy too! Take that rice filled sock and put it in your freezer. Then, place it around your neck or across your forehead for a needed rest.

Better yet, have two and switch them out.

keeping your pregnancy cool this summer


If your home or apartment has a pool available, they are amazing for summer pregnancies. Not only that, but swimming is also fabulous, low-impact, pregnancy exercise.

If you don’t have the luxury of a full-size pool, never fear. Something as simple and inexpensive as a kiddie pool filled with water can help you out. Just dipping your feet in provides amazing relief and if you have older children, you can hang out with them outside without totally melting.


Not only is it important to ensure your own comfort during pregnancy, staying cool in the heat it is important to feel and be well. We hope these tips will help you deal with pregnancy in the summer. 

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