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doula trainer in texas

Hailie Wolfe Doula Trainer in Texas

We feel like we’ve always known Hailie. She was one of our earliest instructors and we have watched her grow, learn, and even have a baby!

We found Hailie when we were looking for natural hospital birth videos for our childbirth classes, which led to her actually teaching these same classes! She took doula training with us and eventually joined our Headquarters team.

She has single handedly grown Birth Boot Camp in Abilene and we are so excited that her enthusiasm, knowledge, and talents will be brought to the table to train doulas!

Welcome, Hailie the doula trainer!


My name is Hailie Wolfe and I’m a small-town girl who happens to love all things pregnancy and birth. Along with my husband and 5 children, I have lived in Abilene, TX since 2012. My own births ignited a strong desire to support families through their incredible birth journeys. I truly believe that with the right preparation and support, you CAN have an amazing birth.

I became a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor in 2013 and have been teaching consecutive classes the majority of the time since. I started working as a doula shortly after, and when the Birth Boot Camp DOULA program was launched in 2014, I attended the first training offered by the company.

In addition to teaching childbirth classes and offering doula services in Abilene, I also own and operate The Den | A Wellness Place, where a variety of professionals offer wellness centered and holistic services for Big Country Families. I love helping families have amazing births and lead healthy lifestyles!

As the Doula Certification Coordinator for the Headquarters Team at Birth Boot Camp, I know all the ins and outs of the pre-certification training modules, and work closely with the other Doula Trainers to help prepare new doulas for their workshops. I also work closely with our Lead Doula Trainer, Alexa Gumm, on the on-going development of the doula training program. We truly make it a priority to constantly evolve in order to offer the best doula training available in the country. Join me in Abilene for my next doula workshop!

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