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meet the birth boot camp doula trainers

Birth Boot Camp DOULA Trainer Jillian Freeland

Birth Boot Camp DOULA is growing again! Since we launched our doula program, we have watched incredible things happen. While growing a company isn’t always easy, one of our favorite things is giving more women more opportunities in business. When we opened up the option for our current doulas to become doula trainers, we were so excited that Jillian applied!

We have loved her from the moment we met her.

She is already a Birth Boot Camp childbirth educator and doula. Now, based out of Winchester, Virginia, she will be one of our first doula trainers!

You will love this lady too. She is a sweet mom of girls, and her enthusiasm bubbles out of her. We know that every single one of her doula trainees will feel loved, supported, and “doula-ed” on their own journey of birth work.

Welcome Jillian Freeland! Her Birth Boot Camp DOULA training dates can be found here.


Hello from Winchester, Virginia, home of the Apple Blossom Festival, this cute country city is only an hour West of DC and just a hop, skip, and a jump from West Virginia and Maryland. What a fun place to live! I can literally pass through all three of those Mid-Atlantic states within a 3 minute period when I drive through the beautiful Harpers Ferry.

My personal birth experiences led me to become a doula. After experiencing the amazing support of a doula at my last birth, I knew this was what I wanted to do.  I have loved every moment of being a doula – it’s my sweet spot!

I have a passion to see women rise up and find out how strong they truly are. As a childbirth educator, I see couples do this throughout Birth Boot Camp classes. As a doula, I see women do this in their births. No matter what the outcome is, be it a natural birth, an epidural birth, or a cesarean birth, women grow and find out that there is a well of strength inside of them.

Another place I see this happen is when I am training new doulas. They begin to blossom and become more and more fragrant as they open up to becoming everything they hoped could be possible. Their knowledge grows, their intuition grows, their confidence grows and they find out how amazingly strong they truly are! They find that this inner strength, coupled with their training, will be what equips them to become amazing doulas who support couples as they have amazing births!

It is my heart to mentor, encourage, and support women as they take this journey of becoming a doula. Being a doula for families in their communities will change the culture of birth for the better! I consider it an honor to have a part in depositing and imparting those qualities into their hands and hearts.

I cannot wait to serve women and prepare them to become AMAZING doulas! Please considering joining me at the next training!