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Amazing Opportunities For More Women

The purpose of Birth Boot Camp is twofold:

  1. Help people have amazing births
  2. Help more women have successful birth businesses

We love what we do. We love helping people prepare, plan, and work for a great birth. We love seeing them light up when they learn new things and put that information into action. We love watching couples grow closer together through this unique time of life.

It’s a privilege to be a part of their lives as their childbirth educator. It’s like witnessing a miracle unfold, every single time.

Our second purpose is to help birth workers be more successful, and this is incredible, too! As our doula and instructor programs work together, we get to know the most amazing women as they train and start their own businesses. It is an honor to walk this path with them every step of the way.

Recently we made it possible for our doulas and childbirth educators to become Trainers. Now they can teach and train right alongside Headquarters. This gives more birth workers a way to expand their birth business, and more people are able to train with Birth Boot Camp around the country. We are thrilled to provide this opportunity!

Growth brings change. After much consideration and discussion, we have made the decision to no longer require a natural birth to become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor.

Amazing Opportunities For More Women

When Birth Boot Camp began in 2012, we established a natural birth requirement for our instructors. The purpose of this was always the same; we found it was something our students wanted and we had been told it helped them prepare for their births. This natural birth requirement, which has been controversial, was not in place to upset people. It was in place to help couples have amazing natural births. Many had expressed that knowing that their childbirth educator had experienced a natural birth had helped them also achieve that goal.

Letting go of the natural birth requirement

What brought about this change? We’ll be honest: we were fine with the controversy. We never wanted to upset anyone, but because our GOAL (to help couples have amazing births) aligned with our POLICY (instructors must experience a natural birth) we were true to it.

As a company, we have seen tremendous growth. In fact, we have grown beyond what we could have imagined in that first organizational Board meeting many years ago. We started out as a company providing one class: a 10-week class natural birth class focused on helping couples have a natural birth, which will still be offered. Since then, we have added a doula program, Instructor and Doula Trainers, and more class options.

We are no longer just a natural birth company.

Our vision is grander.

Now, with more class options (and more coming this Fall! Stay tuned!), our instructors will have the option of teaching several classes that are not necessarily geared just towards natural birth preparation. Birth Boot Camp DOULAS support all birth choices and many of our doulas and childbirth educators cross-certify, offering a comprehensive Birth Boot Camp “package.”

Growing Birth Boot Camp

As our company has grown, so has the scope of what we do and what we plan to do.

Continuing with the natural birth requirement to become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor limits this vision.

We can help MORE couples have amazing, informed births – of all kinds.

We can help MORE women have sustainable birth businesses.

We can improve birth outcomes for MORE people.

This is the vision of Birth Boot Camp in the future, and we are so excited!

We don’t regret our original natural birth requirement. It helped us form a tight group of educators. It helped us learn how to weather a storm of criticism. We learned a lot and loved even the hard moments.

But now, Birth Boot Camp is ready for so much more. We are thrilled to welcome more women to the Birth Boot Camp family of educators, including many of our Doulas who have not had natural births. We are excited to work with them in a new capacity.

If your vision for childbirth includes helping more people have amazing births and having an incredible business for yourself, then Birth Boot Camp would be a great fit for you.

Apply to become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor today!  

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6 years ago

I think this is wonderful! I know so many women who would be an excellent teacher, but haven’t been able to join the AWESOME BBC community. They will definitely be joining now!