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meet the birth boot camp doula trainers

Amy Anderson, Doula Trainer

Amy Anderson is one of our favorite people and we love that she is now a doula trainer with us! She was in one of our very first instructor trainee groups. We watched her help build Birth Boot Camp in Oklahoma City, and watched how well she worked with others in her community. She is truly a force for good there.

Amy is also one of our instructor trainers. Because she can train both doulas and instructors, she is offering something special; dual certification trainings in one place and at one time. This is an incredible option.

If you think that being a birth professional is right for you, sign up today!

You can find instructor trainings here and doula trainings here.

Welcome Amy!


My name is Amy Anderson born and raised in Oklahoma, Go Pokes! I love a good storm, which I guess you have to when you live in Tornado Alley. I have lived in several other southern states but always come back to good ol home sweet homa and I will be yalls Southeast Regional Trainer.

I have 5 littles, each of them have their own wonderfully unique birth stories. One emergency cesarean, one repeat cesarean, 2 hospital VBA2Cs and a HBA2C. Through my own birth journey my passion for birth grew, so I became a birth doula in 2009. Then seeing the need for better education before labor I decided to find a comprehensive childbirth education program, that is when I found Birth Boot Camp and I have been a Birth Boot Camp Instructor since 2012.  In 2016 I became a Birth Boot Camp DOULA and Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainer, this year I became a Birth Boot Camp DOULA Trainer.

I am thrilled to be offering Birth Boot Camp Instructor and DOULA Trainings.