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meet the birth boot camp doula trainers

Doula Trainer, Alexa Gumm

Donna Ryan had a dream of creating a childbirth company that could really help women have more amazing births. She gathered her friends around her to help build something different. One of these friends was Alexa Gumm. Alexa even named Birth Boot Camp. She saw the vision for what this could be and how it could change lives.

Now, Alexa is a Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her traveling, training doulas, and changing lives. 

Welcome Alexa! We are so proud to call you our own!


Long before I birthed my own girls, I stumbled upon the story of an empowering birth. I knew then that birth could be an incredible experience and one I wanted to fully embrace and learn about. My four births were joyous occasions where I felt supported and loved, all experiences that I cherish. My hope is for all women to have that same kind of positive and transformative birth experience.

I love being a doula. It helps me accomplish this goal. Now, as a Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer, I can help more women work in this incredible profession where you know you are making a difference, every time you get called into work.

In my work as a doula, I have found that no matter how long a birth is or how the story eventually unfolds, if a woman has felt heard, supported and cared for, ultimately, she will remember her birth more positively and that develops a better postpartum and a happier new mommy. If I can help train more doulas who truly understand this, I know that birth will be better for more people. There is nothing that could make my heart happier.

Join me for Birth Boot Camp DOULA training! I can’t wait to meet you.

You can find doula training dates here.