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I am Emily Richard, I am a wife to a gentle, kind and incredibly creative husband. I am a mother to two littles and one on the way. I am the daughter of the Most High. Aside from having a love for mamas, birth and babies I also love to bake and I spend most of my days on play dates with friends and lots of littles.

I lived in Haiti for a couple years about 8 years ago and I always got to translate for the midwives who were doing baby checks. In that time I fell in love with birth work, the mamas faces that heard a heartbeat for the first time or found out when their baby would be due. I knew I didn’t want to do the medical side of birth work but I wanted to be a part somehow. Fast forward to 2019 and a friend asked me to attend her birth mostly to take important photos. It was at that birth that I knew God told me this is what I should be doing, helping and supporting women in birth!

I actually really have a desire to find the women who don’t know they can have support, women who are maybe single or low income. I know there’s not a lot of funding there but man, how life changing it could be for some of those women to go through their greatest time of need with support and help. One mother said she couldn’t imagine her birth without my support and that it made the birth experience of her second even better than her first experience. She said she was so please with the whole experience and outcome. I look forward to helping many more!

I looked at many trainings, prices, length, birth attendances, price, and recertification. I talked with a friend too who gave me information about different doula trainings and the beautiful things she said about the information, materials, and support you get from Birth Boot Camp really just made my decision easy!

My training experience was great, from the personal studying at home to the actual workshop with the other ladies! I love the breastfeeding MRE videos, so much knowledge to gain from Melissa(sorry if I got her name wrong). At the workshop I loved how small and intimate it was, allowing me to get to know the other doulas and gain knowledge from their birth work experiences!

I am a very visual and hands on learner and to have a hands on training was what I needed to feel confident while working with mothers. Also, being in person with my trainer and the other ladies at the workshop allows you to ask all the questions you’ve been dying to get answers from and since there are multiple people there with multiple experiences you get more answers than you can imagine!

I believe that by offering support and knowledge to families you offer confidence which is what every birthing mother and partner desires as they approach the day of labor. That confidence goes beyond labor and delivery, when a mother gains confidence in her ability to carry and deliver a baby she gains confidence in being a beautiful mother to that baby. I think that confidence is priceless!

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