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Online Birth Classes

Do you need a birth class that you can watch from the comfort and privacy of your own home? Does your busy work schedule make it difficult t0 attend an in-person class? Our online classes will give you all of the information, preparation, and confidence you need to have an amazing birth with the convenience that we all need.

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In-Person Birth Classes

Would you prefer a more personalized experience with an in-person class taught by one of our certified instructors? We have instructors from coast to coast that teach interactive and hands-on classes that will help you and your partner prepare for your upcoming birth. To see if there is an instructor in your area check our directory and reach out to them!

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Comprehensive Birth Class

Our Comprehensive class is 10 sessions and covers everything you and your partner need to know about birth, baby, and breastfeeding. This class is ideal for first time parents, those planning a VBAC, or a first natural birth. We focus not only on preparing physically for labor, but also preparing mentally and emotionally. We cover nutrition, exercise, stages of labor, building your birth team, questions to ask your care provider, variations of labor, birth plans, newborn procedures, parenting a newborn, and much more. We also emphasize your partner’s role and give them tips, tricks, and tools to help support you during the labor and birth process. This class also includes the online Birth Boot Camp breastfeeding class, an extra 3.5 hours all about breastfeeding taught by Mellanie Shepherd, IBCLC. You will leave class feeling excited, confident, and ready for your birth and baby!

Available online & in-person

Home & Birth Center Birth Class

Our Home & Birth Center class is perfect for those planning an out-of-hospital birth. This class dives right in starting with stages of labor and giving you tools for your natural birth. We discuss natural ways of handling pain, the importance of relaxation as the key to an unmedicated birth, and how your partner can make a difference in your birth experience. We also discuss transfer, epidurals, and cesarean sections in the event that medical assistance becomes necessary. This class will build knowledge and confidence for you and your partner to have an amazing home or birth center birth!

Available online & in-person

Hospital Birth Class

Our Hospital Birth class is specifically designed for those who are choosing to birth in a hospital setting. This class gives you more information, tools, and preparation than the average hospital class and will set you and your partner up for success! We cover topics that are specific to this birth place such as induction, policies that impact your birth, and epidurals. This class is 6 sessions and also covers in-depth the stages of labor, comfort measures, relaxation, natural ways of handling pain, and tips and tricks for partners. We want you both to feel confident and ready for the birth of your little one!

Available online & in-person

Express Class

Need a class that gives you the most information in a short amount of time? The Express Class was designed just for you! We discuss the basics of labor and birth, ways to manage pain, the ins and outs of epidurals and induction, ways your partner can be an active participant, cesareans, birth plans, and much more. We also demonstrate and practice common laboring and pushing positions, comfort measures, and relaxations. This class is hands-on and will give you the knowledge you need to birth with confidence.

Available in-person

Breastfeeding Class

This course, taught by Mellanie Sheppard, IBCLC, includes: expert advice, specific instructions on how to breastfeed, tips on how to properly latch and prevent nursing pain, how milk production works, troubleshooting problems that may come up, pumping, introducing bottles and returning to work, what to expect as the baby grows, and much more.

Available Online

**This class is included when you purchase the Comprehensive Birth Class or Life With Your New Baby.

Comfort Measures Workshop

This 4 hour workshop prepares couples with hands-on techniques, tips, and tricks to make labor a wonderful experience. This class is great if you want tools to labor at home before moving to the hospital for an epidural, want more ways your partner can be involved in the labor process, or want to learn more about how relaxation is the key to a natural birth. This class does not replace a comprehensive childbirth class but is perfect if you want extra physical preparation to be ready for your amazing birth. The Comfort Measures workshop includes a booklet full of information for you and your partner.

Available in-person

Life With Your New Baby

You spent time preparing for birth but what do you do once you get the baby home? This is your manual for parenthood! This 4 hour workshop prepares you with practical ways to parent your new baby. We discuss parenting techniques, routine testing and procedures, normal newborn behavior, babywearing, sleep arrangements, making a postpartum plan, and much more.

This class also includes one year access to our online breastfeeding class hosted by Mellanie Shepherd, IBCLC. You and your partner will have the tools and information to meet the needs of your baby and parent with confidence.

Available in-person

Your Healthy Pregnancy

Staying healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally is important for you, your baby and your birth plan. This 4 hour workshop will give you the information you need to set yourself up for success through understanding changes your body goes through in each trimester and how nutrition is important in staying healthy and low-risk and reduces the risk of pregnancy related illnesses. We will also discuss the importance of exercise and practice a variety of exercises that will prepare your body for the work of labor and birth. There is no way to predict how long labor will be and preparing your body will ensure you have the strength and endurance to finish the job! Pelvic floor health and chiropractic care are also introduced. This workshop is a great place to start in preparing your body for an amazing birth!

Available in-person.

Refresher Class

Congratulations, you are having another baby! This class is for you! Our refresher class is tailored to your needs – what you and your partner need to feel ready for the birth of this new baby. We will discuss the topics you are wanting to cover, as well as comfort measures, relaxations, stages of labor, and tips for your partner. This 4 hour workshop leaves you feeling excited and ready to venture into this new stage of life!

What They’re Saying

Birth Boot Camp truly does empower couples to get the birth that is right for mother and baby. This course equips you to both prevent common health problems during pregnancy, and if they do occur, how to complement natural home remedies with medical treatment. Birth Boot Camp prepares a laboring mom to recognize her unique internal signals of the hormonal symphony playing inside her body to grow and birth a little human being. You will also learn how to work with your birth-care provider to have a satisfying birth and a healthy mother and baby. We are pleased to recommend Birth Boot Camp.

Dr. William and Martha Sears, Authors of The Healthy Pregnancy Book.

Birth Boot Camp is an incredibly comprehensive and factual birth preparation course. Presented in a fun and engaging way, Birth Boot Camp provides you all the facts and more that you would get with your own research. You will learn all you really need to know so that you can make truly informed choices and create the best experience possible!"

Dr. Adrienne Carmack, MD, Urologic Surgeon, Author

I thought this was a great course and provided accurate and clear information. Our Birth Boot Camp class was well organized and filmed in an enjoyable format. The workbook was visually laid out great and packed full of information. It was great to have an online birth class to go at our own pace and to have as a reference for afterwards.


My wife and I just completed our online course for an amazing hospital birth. We absolutely enjoyed the thorough, unbiased nature of the course. It was such a great course layout and we feel like we really connected with both of you as mothers and instructors. Thank you for putting together such great material and creating a down to earth, yet comprehensive course for us to learn about this process.

Woman lying in a hospital bed holding her newborn baby after giving birth while her husband looks admiringly at both of them

You will only give birth to this baby once. The day you give birth will be a day that you will always remember. This day is priceless! It is worth investing your time, energy, and resources to fully prepare for an amazing birth.

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