Free Pregnancy Nutrition eBook

August 14, 2014

FREE Pregnancy Nutrition eBook

Free Pregnancy Nutrition eBook

Something that is an integral part of a healthy pregnancy (and sometimes even a natural birth) is nutrition. Not only can nutrition have the power to make you feel better and help with common pregnancy “symptoms,” but it just makes life more pleasant.

But we all know that eating well is much easier said than done. In addition, if you are feeling lethargic or nauseous during your pregnancy, it can make eating healthy that much more challenging.

We generally recommend that you start our natural birth classes around the halfway point of your pregnancy, but eating well is important long before that. For this reason, we have created an incredible (and FREE!) Pregnancy Nutrition eBook.

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So what is the free pregnancy nutrition eBook all about?

Not only is the eBook pretty (beautiful pictures of yummy but healthy food!), it includes fun and easy recipes to improve your nutrition and even add a little protein if you lean towards just eating carbs. In addition to easy recipes, there are tips and ideas for eating well during pregnancy. We have even mapped out an entire day of healthy food as a sample plan for you.


When you do take your birth class, you will find that Class Two, PT & Chow, and your trusty “Field Manual” are chock full of even more information and ideas that can help you feel better and avoid common ailments during pregnancy.

Class two (and every class thereafter) also includes some incredible exercise information from our nutrition and exercise expert, Katie Dudley. She has created a remarkable program for pregnant women like you.

Nutrition (and exercise) are important parts of birth and of staying low risk. We are so glad to join you on your birth journey! Check out your totally FREE pregnancy nutrition e-book today, or tell a friend about it!

Photo Credit-  Allison, one of our instructors in DFW who is also a VBA3C mother! Photo by Ceci Jane.

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