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Laurie McGowan

Laurie McGowan

BBC Dual Certified Instructor and Doula Trainer

Calgary, Canada
About Me
I love that my job is to help couples simplify childbirth through empathy and education so they too can have the empowering birth they wish to experience wherever they choose to birth. I bring my knowledge of physiological birth to provide you and your partner with evidenced based information and local resources as well as an array of support tools to use during pregnancy, birth and as a parent.

I believe our birth experiences set us up as parents. Learning to self advocate and make our own decisions in pregnancy and birth is the start to a lifetime of advocating for our family. The is no "one way" to birth...there is only your journey and the decisions you make along the adventure.
My Class Schedule
Comfort Measures Workshop in Calgary, AB

May 25 5-9 PM, perfect for June, July, August Babies!

10 Week Class Schedule in Calgary, AB

Tuesdays, March 20 to May 22 2018 6:30 -9 PM ~ perfect for late May to July babies

Classes are set-up to be started around 20 to 25 weeks pregnant, but can be started as early as 15 weeks or as late as 30 weeks. We offer up to 2 classes that can be taken online, so please contact Laurie if you have any questions as to dates! Contact me directly for more information! Online classes are always available; please contact me for a promo code to save $25 USD.

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