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Abby Campen

Abby Campen

Newnan, South Atlanta area, Georgia
About Me
Abby’s moto is “Education is the eradicator of fear.” Childbirth education combines her love for teaching and her love of informing people with the data/resources needed to make evidence bases decisions about their pregnancy and birth. She enjoys empowering couples to be in the driver seat of their care. Seeing couples come in scare and confused of the birth process and leave confident, well informed team ready to work with the provider they feel is the best fir for their birth is a feeling that never gets old. As a childbirth educator, Abby’s focus is helping families achieve an amazing birth. In Birth Boot Camp classes, couples learn of a wide variety of techniques to help them throughout their labor — from relaxation to position change to partner support as well as extensive breastfeeding education by an IBCLC.

When Abby isn’t teaching Birth Boot Camp classes as a member of Due South Doulas, she is working full time as a Senior Analyst at Chick-fil-A, travel agent specializing in Disney destinations and cruises, mom of 2 girls (one medicated birth and one un-medicated birth) and 2 small dogs, and wife to an amazing husband who work as a Trust and Estate Attorney. She loves to go on Disney cruises and visit Walt Disney World (which is where she worked for 8 years and where she met her husband).

Education background:
Georgia State University: BBA Managerial Science with minor in Hospitality and BS in Mathematics 2009
Certifications: Birth Boot Camp Doula since 2016, Birth Boot Camp Instructor since 2018
My Class Schedule
December 2nd: comprehensive class at Dr Akey’s office.
February 17th: comprehensive class at Dr Akey’s office.

Comfort Measures, Food and Fitness, Siblings class, and Homecoming: Life with a new recruit can be taught in your home any Saturday.

Other dates available for the Comprehensive class, Hospital Class and Out of Hospital class if needed just give me a call or text
Doula Services Offered
Labor and postpartum support
Doula Availability
Only taking four clients a year.

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