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Childbirth Educator Training Highlights, October 2015

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Childbirth Educator Training, October 2015

Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Educator Training Highlights, October 2015

We just finished up training our newest batch of childbirth educators and we are so excited to introduce them to you! We had women from all over the country join us in this big group and they are going to be incredible. It is so inspiring to see how our instructors are literally making birth better, one family at a time, as they help educate couples on how to have their own amazing birth.

We have the power to change birth!

Become a Childbirth Educator

The room is ready!

We begin each instructor training on Wednesday night by getting to know each other. We love this opportunity to form a personal relationship with each of our instructors. These women come from all over the country and different walks of life, but we all bond sharing our passion for birth.

childbirth educator training, october 2015

They are here!

The room doesn’t stay clean and empty for long! Training consists of learning how to teach childbirth classes, learning basic marketing strategies, running a business and more. It is always fun doing what you love and learning how to make it a sustainable part of your family life.

become a childbirth educator

Massage time!

Birth Boot Camp classes are for couples and our instructors strive to give the partner tips for being involved and helpful during labor. Massage is a basic comfort technique that can be super helpful for a laboring mom. Of course, our instructors love practicing at training!

childbirth educator training, october 2015

She might be having TOO much fun teaching birth classes! Rachel will be teaching in Cheyenne, Wyoming. So exciting to have some instructors there!

Part of every Birth Boot Camp instructor training is teaching topics. It is an incredible experience to sit and learn from each other. We are constantly amazed at the creativity, passion, and love that these women bring to their topics. This is consistently one of our favorite parts of training.


Mya, (left) will be teaching childbirth classes in the DFW area and Alyssa (right) will be teaching in Virginia!

These ladies blew us away with their presentations on newborn procedures from Mya and dilation from Alyssa. Find them and take a class with them. Seriously.

childbirth educator training

Dr Kristen Hosaka and Donna Ryan, our founder.

Our training is constantly evolving and changing so it can be the best ever. This time we welcomed Dr Kristen Hosaka, our resident chiropractor and Advisory Board member. She taught us all a little bit about chiropractic and how it can help you have the best pregnancy and birth possible.

birth instructor training, october 2015


Nicole is a mom of one and she will be teaching childbirth classes in DFW, Texas.

Part of training is professional headshots for all of our instructors. Love seeing everybody all beautified. Aren’t these women amazing, inside and out?!

childbirth educator training

Esther and LaQuitha getting ready for their pictures.

It is awesome to meet all these ladies. Esther will be teaching in Louisiana and LaQuitha will be teaching in San Francisco, CA. We are so excited to have more people in California!

childbirth educator training

Look at these amazing women!

Childbirth Educator Training


Each training is special, but it was super cool this time to have sisters come together. Sarah and Esther will be teaching childbirth classes in Louisiana.

We have three instructor trainings planned for 2016. If you have had an amazing natural birth and want to share your knowledge with the world, join us! We would love to have you. Make a difference. Gain amazing friends. Run an awesome business. This is the best job ever!

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