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Stephanie Lecker

Stephanie Lecker

Sheboygan, Wisconsin
About Me
Hello, my name is Stephanie Lecker and I am a mother to two beautiful, intelligent and compassionate little boys, a super cuddly Pomeranian Chihuahua and wife to a wonderful man. My journeys through labor and birth have brought me love and pain, joy and loss. Our first son was complicated, and his delivery was rough, we felt like we were prepared and knew what to expect…boy were we wrong. Nine months later we were surprised with a second pregnancy, but this little baby was not meant to be. After these two challenging experiences, I was determined for the next time to be different. Our second son’s pregnancy, labor and delivery were night and day different from his brother. My husband and I taught ourselves the techniques and methods we needed to give us the birth that we had always wanted and because of that I had such a redemptive birth! From these experiences and my education from Birth Boot Camp, I am confident to say I am called to work with women to provide unbiased evidence-based information to help you feel comfortable making choices during pregnancy, birth and as a parent. I respect all birthing preferences and want you to feel prepared when you start labor. I am passionate about birth and would love to share my passion with you. Let’s chat over coffee!
My Class Schedule
Fall/Winter 2021-22 Due Dates

Hospital Class Series: 6 weeks 2.5 hours/week
Nothing scheduled
Home and Birth Center Series: 4 weeks 2.5 hours/week
Nothing scheduled
Comprehensive Class Series: 10 weeks 2.5 hours/week
SUNDAYS 4:30-7 PM: June 13th-August 22nd skipping July 4th
Doula Services Offered
My birth douls services are as follows:

-2 In-person birth plan visits
-Help you feel comfortable and confident with labor positions
-Educate you on procedures such as epidurals
-Relaxation, visualization and pain management techniques
-Go through my birth bag-so you can focus on birthing on B-Day
-Listen to your fears, worries, desires and help you put that into a
respectful and concise birth plan (with alternates)

-Phone support throughout your pregancy
-Text or call throughout pregnancy to ask any question you disire!
-Note that I am not a care provider so, many questions will be directed
back to the correct person.

-Birth support from active labor until 2 hours postpartum

-1 post partum visit 3-5 days after birth (once you've settled in)
-Typically I make sure you are comfortable and feeling good
-Breastfeeding/formula support
-Make referrals to professionals that can help with various postpartum
concerns (Lactation consultants, massage therapists, chiropractors,
mental health professionals)
-Light cleaning or cooking, if desired
-Hold baby while you rest
-Much, much more!

***Special Note***
I am also a Birth Photographer.
These two services cannot be performed together to the fullest extent.
I.E. you cannot photograph a birth while you are helping a mother squat.
I.E. you cannot help a mother squat from behind a lens.
For this reason, if you want BOTH services, I can still serve you, but one will be the dominate service.
If you choose Doula, you may not get pictures of your birth because I'll be helping you and your partner through contractions/pushing
If you choose Photography, I will not be right next to you during the actual birth. I will be in the corner of the room snapping pictures of your new babe entering the world.
BOTH are wonderful. BOTH are meaningful. BOTH cannot be done at once.
Doula Availability
Availability is 2 births per month.

Open Months for Doula/Birth Photography:

September - FULLY BOOKED


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