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Sarah Kelchner

Sarah Kelchner

Syracuse, Cazenovia, CNY, New York
About Me
There is nothing more sacred to me than the experience of birth. Being invited to join a mother and her family as they bring new life is the ultimate compliment. As a doula, I bring reverence and respect along with strong knowledge of normal birth and a tool bag of comfort measures to each birth I attend.

I have been a childbirth educator since 2012 and occasionally provided doula support for my students from 2012-2015. After years of dabbling in other certifying curriculums, I became fully certified as a doula and educator with Birth Boot Camp in 2018.

I have been a Stay-at-Home Mommy, a working mother, a single mama, and a step-mother. No matter the circumstances, mothering is hands down the most challenging, and most rewarding, role of my lifetime. I now invest my time in Mother other Moms as a doula and support for new families as they transition into parenthood.
My Class Schedule
Class schedules are frequently being updated! Visit for my current offerings.
Doula Services Offered
I offer prenatal, birth, and postpartum support.
Doula Availability
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