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Madeline Schulle

Madeline Schulle

Colorado Springs, Fountain, Monument, Colorado
About Me
Hi there! I’m Madeline, and I have been a part of the Birth Boot Camp family for over four years. After the birth of my first baby, I realized that I wanted to help families have birth experiences that made them feel empowered. I love the comprehensive education and support I get to provide for families through classes and doula support. I am a firm believer that doulas are for partners too! I love working with birthing people from all walks of life, including surrogates, parents choosing adoption, and single parents. You can have an AMAZING birth, no matter what that looks like!
My Class Schedule
I am not scheduling group classes at this time, but private classes can be scheduled at any time, at no additional fee. Just reach out by email or phone to schedule!

Doula Services Offered
For first time moms and VBAC moms: services include 5 week Home or Birth Center Class or 6 week Hospital Class, emotional/physical/educational support at your birth, and one postpartum visit
For second time moms (and beyond!): services include one prenatal birth planning visit, one Reboot Refresher class, one Siblings at Birth class for older children, emotional/physical/educational support at your birth, and one postpartum visit.
Doula Availability
May: Full
June: 1 opening left
July: Full
August: 1 opening left, only for due dates after August 15th
September: 2 openings
October: 2 openings
November: 2 openings
December: 2 openings

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