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Angelena Forsgren

Angelena Forsgren

Salt Lake City, Utah
(720) 299-3760
About Me
Over the course of my lifetime I have developed a niche for serving Women, in particular, Mothers. All things pregnancy and birth related occupy my time, energy, and passions. At the age of fourteen I witnessed my first birth. I remember the rush of emotions and the long hours of labor like it was yesterday. From that moment on, I knew that I must be involved with the birthing community. Nothing beats the moment a Mother brings her baby earth side and I consider it a great honor to be apart of such a sacred experience.
Doula Services Offered
Birth and Postpartum support; Prenatal Massage
Doula Availability
Feb- 2 spots available
March- 3 spots available
May- 2 Spots available
June-3 spots available
July- 3 spots available
August- 3 spots available

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