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doula in Caddo Mills, TX

Doula in Caddo Mills, TX

We are so pleased to introduce Jennifer Helms to you today. She is a doula in Caddo Mills, TX and her story will touch your heart. We LOVE that being a doula is her dream and that we get to be a small part of that dream.

Welcome Jennifer! We are so glad to have you!

Introduce yourself!

I am happily married to my highschool sweetheart. We have two beautiful daughters, three dogs, two guinea pigs and a house full of love and laughter. I have a passion for serving others and my community.

I started my career working in a Mother’s Day Out program. Then I spent several years as the director for a senior citizen center and the local Meals on Wheels program.

When my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimers I was honored to be her caregiver. During my time with her she encouraged me to follow my dreams. My dream has always been to help support women and their families during childbirth. It’s such an amazing feeling to be living out your dreams.

doula in caddo mills, TX

What first got you interested in doula work?

I’ve always loved all things relating to pregnancy and birth. I was a part of my sister’s pregnancy and labor. Being there for her during such a precious moment, I knew then I wanted to be a doula.

With so many doula trainings out there, why did you choose Birth Boot Camp DOULA training?

I wanted to be a part of an organization that supported me after I completed my certification. I did not have a natural labor but I did want to learn and study how to help my clients in having a natural labor.

I also loved that the curriculum provided information on all types of labor and deliveries. The breastfeeding videos helped me feel confident in being able to help clients get the support they need.

Tell us about your training experience and your favorite parts.

It was nice to listen and learn from experienced doulas who have been successful at creating a positive name for themselves. Also being amongst other ladies who share the same passions was amazing.

Sharing ideas, learning valuable information, creating friendships that will help support each other during our own journeys in becoming successful doulas- I loved all of it.

How did your training prepare you for actual birth attendance?

Training gave me the tools to feel confident in helping a laboring mom in whatever scenario she may be in during labor.

To close, how do you believe doulas can make a positive difference in the birth experience for women?

Doulas help support, empower and create a safe environment for mom. Feeling supported helps mom and baby in those first precious moments.

Are you looking for a doula in Caddo Mills, TX? You can find Jennifer:

On Facebook:

By phone: 972-978-9108
Via email: [email protected]
Call Jennifer today! She can help you have an amazing birth!