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Birth Classes in Victoria, TX

Welcome to our new, sweet friend, Cristi Wean! Cristi comes to us from Victoria, TX, a town near the Gulf of Mexico, just north of Corpus Christi. This mom of two is so excited to make childbirth education, and more amazing births, more accessible to women in her community.

Welcome Cristi!

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your birth experiences.

I was born in Victoria but my parents were in Christian ministry so we moved a lot growing up. I’ve lived all over Texas, parts of New Mexico, and even Colombia, South America for a year.

I went to college at the University of Texas in El Paso and graduated with my teaching degree and taught elementary school for seven years.

I met and married my husband when I was 29, moved to San Antonio where he was from, and we had our first baby a year and a half later at the Birth Center Stone Oak.

I was the first in my family to have an out-of-hospital birth or to use a midwife so it was all a new concept to me. When we were expecting, we went to tour the birth center, wanting to explore all of our options, and immediately fell in love with the cozy, home-like environment, the warmth that the midwives greeted us with, and the idea of being able to be more in charge of our birth experience.

birth classes in Victoria, TX

Our decision was made! Clayton decided to grace us with his presence the day after his due date. It was during his birth that he decided to start demonstrating his extremely strong personality and will, and his determination to do things in his own way and unique timing.

But despite a very hard 15 hours of labor and even harder 1.5 hours of pushing, in the end, the experience was incredibly empowering and I was hooked on the whole concept of natural birth!

Two years later, Connor was born in the same birth center on his due date (my boys are punctual!)

Even though my labor was longer with him, it was a lot easier to manage with only three hours of really intense active labor/transition, three pushes, and the most amazing water birth!

What first got you interested in birth work?

When we were expecting our first, our midwives suggested that we take childbirth education classes.

My husband and I loved our classes and were so thankful for how well they prepared us for our births. We moved back to my hometown of Victoria shortly before we got pregnant with our second and it was at an Improving Birth Rally that I was talking to a local doula who mentioned how badly our town needed classes like the ones I had taken.

I got really excited about the idea, began researching, and decided to get certified with Birth Boot Camp as an Instructor.

Do you have any particular passions concerning birth?

I’m still new to the birth world but I did observe a VBAC during my certification process that blew me away and opened my eyes to how powerful of an experience a VBAC can be. The physical and emotional hurdles, the doubt and fear that this mom overcame, and the look of sheer victory on her face once her baby arrived was so incredible to watch!

I get emotional now every time I read or watch a VBAC story! I have also come to love teaching multiparous parents who come to me wanting more from their births than what they’ve experienced in the past.

I love helping moms process through difficult past birth experiences and watching them find healing and empowerment through the childbirth education process.

birth classes in victoria, TX

I love seeing dads, who previously felt helpless and out-of-control during their birth process, get equipped with tools and techniques that provide them with an extremely important role in the birth of their new baby. My dads have become my best recruiters for my class!

Why did you choose Birth Boot Camp as your certifying organization?

It was a really easy decision. Birth Boot Camp is fresh, up-to-date, research based, and provides an incredible community of professionals with countless resources for me as an instructor. The curriculum is so well developed and is designed in a way that is fun and interactive but highly educational as well.

Tell us a little about your Birth Boot Camp training experience- what did you like about it, where was it, who was your trainer?

I took the Dallas training in October of 2016 led by Donna and Sarah. I loved everything about that weekend. The ladies were amazing about building instant community among themselves and the instructors.

The atmosphere was laid back with plenty of laughter but extremely professional at the same time, setting a stage for how my classes were designed to operate.

birth classes in Victoria, TX

Tell us about your birth classes in Victoria, TX and what you most love about teaching.

Classes are going so well, I literally can’t wait until the next week when I get to teach again!

My favorite part about teaching is seeing the bond it builds between couples and the way it teaches them to work together as a team during this precious event.

I also love watching the fears and doubt about birth be replaced with excitement and confidence.

Cristi teaches birth classes in Victoria, TX. You can find her:

On the web at

On Facebook at

Or contact her via email at [email protected]

Or via phone 915-345-7201

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