Ashleigh Valdez

Ashleigh Valdez

Fort Worth/ Saginaw, Texas About Me
Hi! I'm Ashleigh and I teach Birth Boot Camp classes in north Fort Worth/ Saginaw, Texas. I became interested in becoming an instructor after my third baby was born shortly after we moved to Texas. My first two births were medicated hospital births and when I got pregnant with our third baby I knew I wanted a different experience. My husband and I took a Birth Boot Camp class and went on to have our third baby at home with a midwife. It was AMAZING! We recently had our fourth baby at home as well! Birth Boot Camp gave my husband and me the tools and confidence to have the birth experience we wanted. I want to pass those tools on to you so you can have an AMAZING birth too! So join me for class in Fort Worth/ Saginaw, Texas!
My Class Schedule
10 week Birth Boot Camp Class series are Friday nights from 7-9:30 in North Fort Worth/ Saginaw, Tx

January 6- March 10, 2017
March 31- June 9, 2017

Has class already started? Contact me! Likely, we can get you in! ;)

I also offer refresher courses, early pregnancy classes, sibling preparation classes, and private 10-week classes upon request
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(682) 710-1558

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