Allison Record

Allison Record

Highlands Ranch, Colorado About Me
I'm a Birth Boot Camp Instructor, domestic engineer, and dancer at heart. I have always loved babies, believing that pregnancy and birth are normal, healthy, sacred aspects of life and should be treated as such. The births of my five children, 3 in the hospital and 2 at home, have been quite an education and I am a passionate supporter of VBAC. My Birth Boot Camp students have told me that my enthusiasm about the amazing process of pregnancy and birth can be contagious. I believe the more you learn about birth, the deeper trust you can have in your body and its innate power to birth your baby!
My Class Schedule
Upcoming 10 week class series:
August 2017

Upcoming Early Pregnancy Classes:
May and June 2017

Call or email me for details.

Private 10 week class series, Sibling Class and Refresher Class are all available upon request.
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