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4 Simple Ways to Prepare for Natural Birth

4 steps to a natural birth

4 Simple Ways to Prepare for Natural Birth Congratulations on your pregnancy! Many women desire a natural birth but preparing for one can seem overwhelming. Here are some wonderful tips for preparing yourself for the best natural birth possible.   There is so much you can do to ready yourself and your family for birth. With these four simple… Read more »

I’m pregnant! What’s happening here?

Photo credit: super-structure / / CC BY-NC-SA What Should I Expect During the First Trimester of Pregnancy? You are pregnant!  Congratulations! Now you might be wondering, what happens next?  If this is your first baby then you are in for some wonderful and amazing changes as your body starts to grow a new human… Read more »

Should You Kegel?

should you kegel

Should You Kegel? Introduced in 1948 to strengthen the pelvic floor, Kegel exercises have recently experienced a surge of controversy. The discussion on how and when Kegels (an exercise designed to improve core strength and support the internal organs) are appropriate for women requires examining how the pelvic floor functions and what keeps it in… Read more »