Birth Boot Camp Trainings 

Start your career today! Train to become a childbirth educator, birth doula, or postpartum doula.

Birth Doula Training

Prepare to support families physically and emotionally, to help them have amazing births.

Childbirth Educator Training

Learn how to teach the Birth Boot Camp classes in a way that is fun and engaging.

Postpartum Doula Training

Prepare to help families have a smooth, natural transition into parenting.

Birth Boot Camp Training Success Stories

“Have met some incredible women with Birth Boot Camp and together with the training programs, I've become a doula and childbirth educator! So happy to now have the tools necessary to effectively assist expecting persons to have the birth they desire!”

Jeannette Napoleon

“My doula training through Birth Boot Camp was phenomenal! I walked in being so nervous and doubting myself, but three hours into the training and I was already feeling so confident. I learned so much at this training. My favorite part is that Birth Boot Camp really sets you up for success. They provide you with just about everything for you to start up your business and be successful. I am confident in my training and that my business will grow and be successful. If you are thinking about becoming a doula, do it through Birth Boot Camp!”

Jessica Castillo

“Birth Boot Camp is so amazing! I felt mostly prepared to start this journey before I attended the in-person training but when it was time to leave the training and start my business, I knew I was ready! They are so hands on and help you to feel confident.”

Rebekah Bryant
Birth Boot Camp

Why Train With Birth Boot Camp


We Are a One Stop Shop

We have everything you need to complete your training including your childbirth education, breastfeeding training, an entire community of supportive birth professionals, amazing materials, much more!

Thorough and Comprehensive

You will leave your training ready to begin an amazing career as a birth professional. Your training is filled with practical, real-life skills to give you the skills needed to be successful.

Current and Up-To-Date Materials

We pride ourselves in having the best materials in the industry. Our workbooks, outline, and marketing materials are professionally designed and printed. We update them on a regular basis to stay up-to-date and relevant.

Supportive Community

We have built an amazing community of supportive birth professionals all over the United States, we call it the BBC Family. Our community is here to help you succeed. We offer continued support and mentoring even after you complete your training.

Business Training

Our training includes a variety of business related topics to help you know how to run a sustainable business. We will discuss marketing, finding clients, and more!

Steps To Train With Birth Boot Camp

Step 1

Sign up and pay your registration fee.


Step 2

Gain immediate access to your training modules and get started right away!


Step 3

Complete your reading, watch our online classes, and other prerequisites.


Step 4

Attend your in-person training or complete our online training.


Step 5

Receive your certification!


Step 6

Begin your amazing career as a birth professional!


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