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you should be a childbirth educator if

You Should Be A Childbirth Educator If…

Birth changes you.

Sometimes birth even changes what you want to do with your life.

Birth has this kind of power. If you’ve felt the power of birth and need to do something with it, maybe you’ve thought about becoming a childbirth educator.

You should be a childbirth educator if you love talking about birth.

If you love talking about birth, if every time someone starts in about their birth story, your ears perk up and you lean in a little closer so you can hear all the details, this is the work for you. If you are someone who is willing to listen to women, this alone makes you different.

Listening makes a great teacher.

You should teach birth classes if you are bursting with information.

If you sometimes have to bite your tongue when women give each other bad advice at baby showers, consider teaching. When you teach your own birth classes, you don’t have to bite your tongue. People pay you to learn how to have an amazing birth.

There are people who want this information.

Caring enough to share the joy that can accompany birth makes a great childbirth educator.

You should become a childbirth educator if people love talking to you.

If all your friends and family turn to you for advice regarding birth, then you were meant for this work. They also turn to you because they know you will listen, without judgment, to the story of their birth and truly care about everything that happened,

You can teach and talk and listen and also let go of the choices that other people make for their own private birth.  This is the essence of teaching.

You should teach birth if you love teaching about birth!

If you are fascinated by teaching techniques, visual aids, and interesting ways to present information about birth, consider childbirth education as a career. You get bonus points if you ever put on a turtleneck to demonstrate how the baby comes through the birth canal. A good teacher can engage people, meet them where they are, and convey information in a memorable way.

You would love being a childbirth educator if you love learning.

You never get bored reading books about childbirth, pregnancy, babies, and breastfeeding. You love learning about birth so much it doesn’t feel like a chore or studying, but more like a calling or an obsession.

Your students will love the knowledge you have. Teachers don’t have to have all the answers, they just need to have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to pass it on to others.

If you don’t mind repeating yourself, you would make a great childbirth educator.

By the time you get to the point where you are teaching birth classes, your basic knowledge about childbirth should be solid. You’ll know hundreds of abbreviations and vocabulary words. You’ll have read countless birth stories and books about birth.

Your students, however, have not. The words they hear in class will be firsts for them. Placenta what? Amniotic who? You’ll feel like you’re repeating yourself throughout the series. You’ll feel like you’re repeating yourself when you teach the same class for the 2nd, 10th, and 20th time. That’s a good thing. Your students need the repetition in order to encode this important information. And you need to love it enough to say it over, and over again, and love it every time.

If you enjoy awkward conversations, consider childbirth education.

Circumcision, sex, orgasm, hip squeezes, and labor sounds: these topics and many more are the bread and butter of childbirth education. You will talk about things that women have never heard before in polite conversation. You’ll cover topics that their best friend neglected to mention. You’ll be vulnerable, open, and honest. You’ll let them see that side of you without being embarrassed about it because you know that shame won’t help facilitate their best birth.

If you can have these conversations, sometimes with people you hardly know, then childbirth education is a perfect fit.


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