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It’s World Doula Week (March 22-28) and here at Birth Boot Camp, we LOVE our doulas! They love supporting women on their journey through birth, and they’re AMAZING at it! Here’s what some of our doulas had to say about why they love doing what they do:

“Being able to promote informed consent and reminding people THEY are in charge of their birth!” -Corrine Aarestad

“Because it’s everything I wish I would have had for both of my births. It’s everything I missed out on! I get to bring couples even closer together during such a special time in their lives!” -Jessica Avalos

“What I love about it is having an opportunity to share in a sacred moment … what an honor to join a woman as she physically journeys through labor, one stage to the next… and then getting to witness her digging deep within herself to bring her baby earth side… wow! My job is encouraging women, supporting women & witnessing miracles — what?! BEST JOB EVER!” -Jenny Scholten

“I love watching couples realize they have choices- that their birth is their own and they can be empowered to have the birth they desire.” -Bethany Melton

“I love seeing partners really step up and get involved with the labors more physically after encouraging them and teaching them prenatally. I also love hearing from moms after a birth, that even if it didn’t necessarily go the way they had wanted it to go, or something unexpectedly came up, they were so happy with the support they received, and experience overall!” -Hanan Webster

“I love the trust my clients put in me to support them in such a beautiful, vulnerable moment in their life. My favorite aspect is to provide information to clients and facilitate open communication with their care team to optimize the desires they have chosen for their amazing birth experience.” -Kelsie Terry

“As a doula I’m a familiar face, a wealth of knowledge, and passionate about supporting families as a doula during an incredibly important and vulnerable experience. I love witnessing the confidence and strength of expectant parents during the birth of their beautiful babies.” -Samantha Martin

“I love helping moms feel safe and partners feel empowered, even when birth brings the unexpected. I’ve walked with families through some pretty intense labors, but I am always so honored to be there to help them navigate everything a birth can bring. Everyone has the right to feel safe and supported during their birth, and I love getting to help with that.” -Madeline Schulle

“The feeling in the room when a soul officially joins a family is breathtaking and always will be. My job as a doula is important because families need someone to help preserve that sacred, breathless joy– hold space for emotions, calm fears, help manage the hard work they are doing. Doulas do all this so families can bask in that pivotal moment when they meet their new family member face to face!” – Jenica Burgan

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