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It’s World Breastfeeding Week and as we celebrate we wanted to know what you love about breastfeeding.

I loved that breastfeeding gave me an excuse to rest and just be present with my little one. You don’t get that precious time back.Hanan Webster 

What I loved most about breastfeeding is that it provided instant nourishment and comfort to my little one.Melanie Galloway

I love when baby looks into your eyes, smiles, and holds your hand as they nurse. – Kelly Lipscomb

The snuggles, togetherness, and the reminder to slow things down and be more present.Jennie Sides

I loved all their little noises and all the time I got to spend with them. It also helped me to feel closer to them and I could feel all the benefits of the oxytocin.Megan Busk

I loved how I could stop the crying right away! Gave them exactly what they needed! -Stephanie Lecker

I love tiny baby milk breath. I never imagined I could love someone’s breath so much until I held my new babe up to my face and breathed him in along with the sweet milk i made perfectly for him.Cheryl Amelang

Mother sitting up in bed breastfeeding her baby

I love how portable it is and it’s always ready!Bevin Victory

Breastfeeding a toddler isn’t always a joy for me (*ahem* gymnurstics), but I love how after she’s taken a tumble, I can easily calm and comfort my daughter at the breast. I also cherish these cuddles, because I know they won’t last forever.KateMezayek

I loved that I could solve all of her problems all at once. Is she hungry? Is she tired? Is she lonely? Does she need comfort? Breastfeeding solves it all! That mama magic doesn’t last forever, so I soaked it up!Nita Gunn

I love the private time we get to spend together. It’s like having a super cool exclusive club. -Erin Anzalone

The open-mouth head thrashing on approach was the best part. Also, selfishly, I loved that I was the only person who could meet that need. As long as I was breastfeeding, it was just bonding time for me and my baby. Each of my four babies had their own individual nursing personality and I loved that about each of them as well. – Jaunitta Taylor

I loved that I could breastfeed anywhere at any time. It was so convenient! Plus, that squishy little body molded to mine… sigh. – Donna Ryan

I love the bonding and connection it made with me and my babies!Robmikia Bailey-Holman

I loved having that special time with each of my babies.April Francom

Top view of women lovingly looking at her baby while breastfeeding

I loved newborn nursing naps! Those postpartum naps were the best naps of my life! They were almost always super short but man I felt amazing after!Andrea Brannock

I love that breastfeeding is a miracle remedy to so many other things… ex: pink eyeJillian Freeland

That one in one time. Even in the middle of the night. The sweet sounds they make as they guzzle. The milk drunk face.Mandy Hancock

I loved the smiles when they would fall asleep and off the breast with milk dribbling from their mouths. I also loved tandem feeding my toddler and my newborn, I got to do that twice, once with baby 3 & 4 and again with baby 4 & 5!Amy Anderson

The warm squishy snuggles. Even in the middle of the night when I was exhausted it was nice to have this little warm thing wrapped up in my arms. – Brandie

Knowing I’m giving my child the healthiest option a mother can offer. – M.

I really loved the excuse to sit down, kick back, and relax which doesn’t happen much as a mom if you don’t have to do it! -Maria Luthi
Baby sleeping on mother's chest after breastfeeding

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