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Why Women Love Their Midwives

By October 4, 2019June 24th, 2020One Comment


Midwives are an incredible part of low-risk prenatal and birth care. Whether you are preparing for a home birth,  a birth center, or hospital birth, midwives are often a valid option. Trained in the art of normal birth, a midwife brings a special set of skills to maternity care.

Many home birth midwives still visit women in their homes for prenatal care. Midwives who work in birth centers offer a home like setting, close to a hospital, with special amenities like birthing tubs and beautiful rooms. Hospital based midwives have a positive impact on the care given to all birthing women in their hospital. Midwives try to focus on evidence based yet personalized care.

Part of Mother-Friendly Care is access to midwives! For these reasons, Birth Boot Camp supports and encourages the midwifery model of care within our childbirth classes.

It is not surprising that women often love their midwives! Here are some real thoughts from real women and birth professionals about why they loved their midwives.

Why Women Love Their Midwives

“Because I’m not her ‘patient’- I’m her ‘client’. I’m treated lovingly and respectfully.”

Ashley Boogaerts, Childbirth Educator, Bossier City, Louisiana

“My midwives respected my body and its ability to birth my baby, and honored my role as the decision maker in my and my baby’s care.”

Melissa Kosloski, Childbirth Educator and Doula, St, Cloud, MN

“My midwife believed my body was made to birth my baby even when I began to doubt it. She reminded me of my strength and helped me achieve a beautiful birth.”

Brooke Harralson, Birth Doula, Fort Worth, TX


My midwives encouraged me to immerse myself in birth knowledge- read books, take classes, be part of a supportive community- and then together, we formed a plan and prepared for my birth, my way. They are my confidants, my sacred-place makers, my fellow celebrators and my unsung heroes as they gladly give me all the credit for the victory of my babies’ entrances into the world. “

Julia West, Childbirth Educator, Grapevine, TX

why women love their midwives

“I love my midwife because she believed in me and my body when no one else did, including myself. As a result, I had a HBA3C (home birth after three cesareans).”

Melissa Carroll, Childbirth Educator and Doula, Norwalk, OH

It’s great that my midwives are incredibly skilled, stay up on the latest research, and love their clients.

But my midwives really get my love because they put my ridiculous idea of a relaxing birth space (outside in 90-degree heat with my horses) ahead of their own comfort.”

Jillian Blakeman, Childbirth Educator in Fort Worth, TX  

My midwife always treated me and everyone in my family with respect and guarded our ability to make our own choices about our health. I love that she knew exactly when to stand back and let the natural process unfold, but also knew when to be firm with me about medical advice. Through two pregnancies I saw her at every visit and she really got know me well. I consider her a friend and her standard of informed consent is how I now judge all other care providers for my family.”

Ashleigh Trimble, Childbirth Educator in Atlanta, GA  

why women love their midwives

I loved my midwife because she not only empowered me to become educated on my options during pregnancy and birth, but fully respected the choices we made. “

Elizabeth Rozsa, Childbirth Educator in South Beloit, IL

So many things to love about Brandi (she asks permission to touch my belly, she has answers for everything, my boys love her) but I really love my midwife because we laugh a lot! My husband and I laugh so much when we are with Brandi and it puts our boys at ease knowing she is a ‘friend’ instead of some random person that asks questions for five minutes once a month.”

Bekah Smith, Childbirth Educator in Fishers, IN

“I loved my midwife for many reasons. She gave me calm support before, during, and after my babies were born, and trusted me and my body to do what I needed to without a lot of interference. She also trusted all of my self-study and passion about birth, and was a primary encouragement for me to pursue childbirth education, which led me to become a Birth Boot Camp instructor.”

Alecia Cumberworth, Childbirth Educator in Dallas, TX

I love her because she made me feel truly heard and seen. I felt like the only person in the world when I was with her. My brain knew she had other clients and other things on her mind, but my heart felt that she was fully present with me any time I was with her. She has perfected the art of undivided attention. We talked about birth, but more than that, we talked about LIFE. I learned so much from her just about living life. I cherished our visits, which were all in my home. I am eternally grateful that she not only cared for me, but she made my husband feel safe with her as well. I miss her tremendously and wish that there was a way to keep her in my life forever. I often think that midwife is just another word for angel. “

Kristi Keen, Doula in Houston, TX

“All is right in the world when I’m with my midwife.”

Cheryl Amelang, Childbirth Educator in Katy, TX

My midwife, Lisa Thomas Welch at Due Rewards was so wonderful. She answered all of my silly, first-time mom questions with understanding and patience. I threw up during labor and she held the bowl for that caught my throw up and then cleaned the carpet and couch afterward. When transition came, she prayed over me and quoted scripture to help ease my mind. She never left my side.

For my second baby, she was out of the state for a funeral and was not able to attend my birth. Her back up, Amy Allred, was just as wonderful. When transition hit and I hit the “I’m scared. I can’t do this.” part of labor, she prayed over me and helped guide me to pushing. These women hold very special places in my heart.”

Caren Nugent, Doula and Childbirth Educator, East Fort Worth, TX  

These thoughts from women about why they loved their midwives cut to the core of midwifery care. No matter when these women needed, their midwives provided that, and so much more. To the incredible midwives of the world, we salute you!

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Grace Robinson
8 years ago

I’m interested in reviewing this site and what you are offering.
I have a past history in childbirth education and birth assisting since the early ’70’s.
I’m still very drawn to the realm of childbearing.
I was in attendance at all but my last grandchild’s birth 2 months ago (missed by 3 hours): The grandchild before that, I was privileged to catch him “in the veil”!