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When should I call my doula?

When Should I Call My Doula?

One question that doulas are often asked is, “When should I call you?” This is a great and important question! We asked some of our favorite doulas, our Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainers, what they thought.

Their answers convey how dedicated a good doula is to you, your birth and their desire to be there for you when you need them.


“I like to hear from my moms as soon as they think labor has started. From there, we keep in touch as things develop. I usually arrive at their house when contractions teeter on the fence of active labor. It seems the added presence of a doula brings a sense of security, so they feel released to enter hard labor knowing they have extra support.

Ultimately every mom is different. I listen to each individual’s needs. If I need to be there in early labor, I will certainly go and check in on the laboring momma. Other times I don’t arrive until transition.

But most commonly I find myself entering a room to a mother whose contractions are 5-6 minutes apart lasting for about 45 seconds.

Each woman wants and needs me there at their own perfect time, but I love to know when labor has started, so we can communicate and meet YOUR needs.“

Jillian Freeland, Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer, Alabama

“This is actually a pretty broad topic that I cover extensively in my meetings with clients. Going to a birth is really a spectrum of calls/communications between myself and the client. Often, they just send me texts to give me a heads up if they are experiencing and early or pre-labor symptoms. Their call that they’re in labor is almost NEVER a surprise.”

Hailie Wolfe, Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer, Abilene, TX

“Call me when you THINK you are in labor. I’m available at any time to discuss options and help guide you through the early phase of labor. We make a plan together when you are ready for my support. No, it doesn’t bother me to answer 2:00am “is this it” questions. Remember, I’ve been a pregnant mommy too and I know how it feels. You aren’t bothering me.”

Alexa Gumm, Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer, Atlanta, GA


Does a doula attend your birth and provide hands-on support that facilitates relaxation and a joyful beginning for your new family?


But they do so much more than that. Having a person to provide emotional support, even via text, is comforting. Knowing there is someone you can call when your labor gets going, brings peace.

Talk to your doula and find out when you should call her.

If you are looking for a Birth Boot Camp DOULA in your area, check out this link.