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I’m a minimalist when it comes to diaper bags. There are just a few basics that are needed and the rest is pretty much personal preference. So here we go.

Diapers and Wipes

Every diaper bag needs diapers because babies use them all the time. Wipes are a pretty obvious follow up because they are needed when changing diapers.

Burp Cloths

Babies have a tendency to spit up or drool, so a handy burp cloth is a great option if you’d rather not use your hands or your own shirt to clean it up or catch it. Which brings me to my next item.

Change of Clothes for Mom

For those unfortunate events of a diaper blow out or spit up mishaps, a change of clothes can be really nice to have on hand. Blow outs and spit ups don’t happen in the most convenient times and when you’re running errands, you might not want to continue on with that kind of stuff on your shirt.

Change of Clothes for Baby

Just like moms don’t like to be covered in bodily fluids, babies aren’t such fans either. Having a spare change of clothes will be crucial. When a blowout happens, rarely is it just on a little part of the outfit. Normally, you’re questioning how the heck poo got all the way up there! Yes, a change of clothes for baby is needed.


A blanket can be super handy in a diaper bag. It can be used to cover up the car seat if baby is sleeping. It can be used to cover up a cold baby. If you’re breastfeeding and want to cover up, a blanket can be used to drape over your shoulder to give you some privacy. A blanket can be used to to lay a baby down on the floor to play, to change a diaper, or just sleep. A blanket can be used to play cute little peek a boo games or give something for baby to hold on to and feel. Blankets are so useful and don’t really take up a whole lot of space.

There are other items that people may choose to put in their diaper bags, but I feel like these are the very basics and necessary items. What other items do you like to have handy in your diaper bag?

Caren Nugent is a spunky Birth Boot Camp instructor who teaches out of her home in southwest Arlington, TX. Her teaching outfits coordinate with class topics and helps bring the content alive. She is married to her supportive husband, Ryan, and they have 2 children, Aaron and Sara. She homeschools Aaron while also volunteering her time at Sara’s school.

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