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We have a great time getting together as a Headquarters team! We are spread out over several states so it is awesome whenever we get the chance to have all of us in one location! Last month we gathered together in Denver Colorado to record our new online classes. After recording and meetings we enjoyed some downtime prepping and eating meals together while visiting. This quick healthy snack/meal was simple to put together and would be easy to throw together while vacationing or road tripping.

Strawberries, ricotta cheese, cinnamon, and rice cakes


  • rice cakes
  • ricotta cheese or nut butter
  • frozen/fresh strawberries
  • banana
  • any other fruit combo’s your heart desires
  • cinnamon

These really are so easy to put together quickly! The rice cakes hold up well and make for a great base for the nut butter or ricotta cheese. Frozen or fresh strawberries work well, just thaw the berries a little before adding to the top. A little sprinkle of cinnamon and you are good to go! This is a good snack any time of year but works really well in the summer for road trips and vacations. The rice cakes make a great travel addition. Slice the strawberries ahead of time and keep in a cooler with the ricotta. Pretty easy for the car or when you get to your destination and you need something fast!

Bananas, nut butter, and rice cakes
Strawberries, nut-butter, cinnamon, and rice cakes

What are your favorite healthy and quick, summertime, vacation, road trip eats?

Have a recipe you would like to share with Birth Boot Camp for What To Eat Wednesday? Share away!

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