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Birth gets a bad reputation. For many people, the very idea inspires fear. First-time parents fear everything from pain, to “losing it,” to death itself.

Birth, while certainly one of the most intense experiences of life, need not be suffering nor awful. Birth can be a glorious event that leaves the couple closer together and full of confidence for the journey of parenting ahead.

In an effort to give birth a little positive attention, let’s share some of the things women love about their births.

You CAN have an amazing birth!

“I loved that I walked away from my birth experience going, ‘Wow! I can seriously do anything! I bet I could run a marathon or climb a mountain if I wanted to! (You know after I have healed and recuperated and stuff!) I was just so amazed and confident in my body after that birth experience!” Ashley Hurley, Abilene, TX

“I loved how I felt simultaneously incredibly strong and amazingly supported. I was surrounded by people who loved me and believed in my ability to birth my baby. It was this beautiful time of feeling so vulnerable, but also unconquerable. With every contraction, my amazing doula Hailie Wolfe would stroke my eyebrows and remind me to relax my body. My husband held my leg and whispered the sweetest encouragements. And my mom got to see her first daughter birth her first grandchild. I loved my birth so much, I decided to become a doula and Birth Boot Camp instructor!” Madeline Schulle, Colorado Springs, CO

“I LOVE that my day wasn’t measured in centimeters.” Jen Valencia, Colorado Springs, CO

“I loved that my process was never disturbed, it was just allowed to unfold.” Mary Hawkins, SE Wisconsin

“I loved the support my husband provided and feeling like the three of us (me, baby, husband) were working as a team. And I loved him being able to announce the gender to me right after she arrived.” Shannon Sands, Omaha, NE

“I loved the peaceful atmosphere of the birth center and the amazing support I received from my husband and doula. The rush of feelings when the baby was born, and I was able to see her face for the first time was like nothing else!” Meagan Bender, Montgomery/The Woodlands, TX

“I LOVED laboring in the lobby of the hospital. I was worried I would show up too early, but also didn’t want to have an unassisted birth. So, we spent a couple of hours pacing circle around the lobby. By the time we went upstairs, I was rounding the corner of the transition phase of labor. The timing just worked out great.” Hailie Wolfe, Abilene, TX

“I loved my support! My husband and midwife especially. I felt so comforted and safe with them. They seemed to know what I needed even when I didn’t and found ways of giving me strength when I was exhausted. I also loved my birth pool.” Kendra Mitchell, Lubbock, TX

“I loved how as soon as it was over, all I had to do was snuggle, eat amazing food, and nurse! At the birth center, I was waited on hand and foot and given space to be just with my new little family!” Bethany Melton, Longmont, CO

“With my last, I loved the support I had from my husband, kids, mom, midwife, and doula. I wanted a very hands-off birth however that is not what I ended up needing with this birth and my support team adapted as I needed them. Sitting in the birth pool with my head on my midwife’s shoulder was one of my favorite moments, the other was reaching down and pulling my baby to my chest.” Amy Anderson, Oklahoma City, OK

“I loved that everyone’s job was ME! Fanning me. Bringing me grapes. Massaging my shoulders. It was like a spa day (let’s be real: getting your pores extracted hurts), but in the end, I got a baby.” Jillian Blakeman, Keller, TX

“I loved everything about my births; my supportive husband, my sweet, praying midwives, the jokes, the calm atmosphere, and knowing I brought two babies into the world on my own. I actually really enjoyed my labors and deliveries.” Caren Nugent, Arlington, TX

  • “I loved my doula!
  • I love that I was finally able to have a natural birth!
  • I love that I learned from my first three births and finally had the guts to fight for what I deserved!
  • I loved laboring in the shower!
  • I loved being able to move around!
  • Oh, I love laboring at my house- I was on my timetable my schedule, my space! My space was so peaceful!
  • I loved listening to music while laboring – this was especially helping when I was in the car heading to the hospital and once I settled in at the hospital. It allowed me to bring something that worked at home, and it worked at the hospital as well. I happened to only listen to two songs on repeat for 8 hrs, but they worked with my breathing, and they also worked keep me mentally sound.
  • I love that when I felt the urge to push my body knew EXACTLY WHAT TO DO!
  • I loved the rush of joy when my baby girl finally came out – that flood of accomplishment and power.”

Jillian Freeland, North Carolina

It’s plain to see from these quotes that birth can be incredible, empowering, life-altering, and positive. We love that people with this elevating energy are out there teaching childbirth classes and shepherding new families as doulas. Yes, childbirth can be hard. It can be painful. It can be humbling. But none of the difficulty of birth need erase the magic of it.

We hope you find yourself a little more inspired and a little more excited about your own upcoming childbirth experience.

Build a supportive team around you be amazing!