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Congratulations on your pregnancy! You may be wondering what changes both physically and mentally may happen in the first trimester of pregnancy. Here are some completely common and normal things you may experience!

What happens mentally and emotionally in the first trimester?

  • Emotions can be all over the map! From joy and excitement to fear and worry.
  • It’s normal to have all kinds of emotions at one time or another.
  • You aren’t the only one feeling emotions – your partner may have a range of feelings too!

Why do you feel so much?

  • Pregnancy causes huge changes in hormones, that can impact emotions.
  • Pregnancy is often a transitional time in your life! Going from a woman to a mother, a couple to a family, or whatever shifts and transitions your family is experiencing.
  • While transitions can be hard, it’s all normal. Embrace, recognize, and work with them!


Forgetfulness is a common occurrence in the first trimester of pregnancy. Some say it is due to a need for healthy fats, and while this may be true, it’s also a big change in your life and it demands some of our thought and mental capacity that we didn’t utilize before. Some forgetfulness may be due to the fact that we are distracted by such incredible things and changes taking place in our life, body, and emotional well-being. Forgetfulness is fairly normal – you are not alone!


Impatience is also a common emotional side effect of pregnancy. After all, you have only nine months (or less) and so much to do! Suddenly things that had been only a dream are hurtling towards you faster than you could have imagined. Be patient and not just with others, but with yourself, and your baby too. Life is changing but you will have time to get all the most important things done.

What happens physically in the first trimester?

  • In the first trimester of pregnancy your body is growing a placenta. The placenta helps nourish the baby throughout your pregnancy, and even thought the baby is very small, you may feel tired and hungry because building the placenta is hard work.
  • Almost immediately you may notice changes in your breasts, including sensitivity. This is normal! Your body begins preparing to breastfeed from the very beginning of pregnancy.
  • Some women experience minor headaches in the first trimester due to low blood sugar. It’s important to eat frequently, small meals that are protein-rich to help combat this, and help you feel better.
  • Nausea or morning sickness as well as bloating are also common in the first trimester. Check out extra tips below for feeling your best!

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