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Welcome New Birth Boot Camp DOULA Trainers

Welcome New Birth Boot Camp DOULA Trainers

We are thrilled once again to be welcoming more trainers to our ranks. There are lots of reasons that we love having new trainers join us. It’s fun and exciting to watch this company grow. It’s gratifying knowing that more people will have access to trainings that come closer to them than ever before. But most of all, we love welcoming these incredible women into our Birth Boot Camp family.

We love knowing that as trainers they can do two wonderful things at the same time: help people have amazing births and take their own birth business to the next level.

Today we welcome two women who we have known a long time and whom we know they will do great things.

Hollie Hauptly, Doula Trainer in Salt Lake City, Utah

Hollie Hauptly joins us as a doula trainer in Salt Lake City, UT. Hollie has been an instructor with Birth Boot Camp since shortly after we launched. She joined us as a doula in our first training group, and has run a busy birth business ever since.

Here’s a bit about Hollie, in her own words.

“Hi, I’m Hollie Hauptly, one of your new Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainers! I’m so excited to finally be joining this awesome team of doula trainers! I first became a doula almost 8 years ago after the birth of my first child. I didn’t learn about doulas until the very end of my pregnancy, and I’m so glad that I hired one, even if it was a little last minute.

It was amazing to have the support from someone whose sole focus was me, my husband, and our birth! I soon decided to become a doula and I’ve loved it ever since. I consider it a privilege to be invited into a family’s birth space to support them during this most special moment. I’ve been lucky enough to attend births of all kind and each of my clients is special to me.

Welcome New Birth Boot Camp DOULA Trainers

I first joined Birth Boot Camp as an instructor in 2013. I wanted to teach an AMAZING childbirth class to give my doula clients the tools needed to have great births. I then attended Birth Boot Camp’s first ever doula training when the program was created. I love everything that Birth Boot Camp stands for and the community they create amongst an amazing group of women.

As an experienced doula, I’ve loved working with new doulas to get them up and going in this amazing line of work! I’m always happy to offer tips, support, and mentorship to up and coming doulas that have a passion for this work. After being sought out by many new doulas, it fueled my fire to become a trainer with Birth Boot Camp DOULA. I’m really excited to bring doula trainings to Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. If you’d like to bring a doula training to your area, just let me know.”

You can find Hollie’s website here.

Jen Valencia, Doula Trainer in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Our second new doula trainer is Jen Valencia. If you recognize her name, it’s because she is also one of our instructor trainers. She is fun, passionate, and a climber of mountains. 

Let’s let Jen introduce herself a little bit.

“Hello! My name is Jen Valencia. My journey into birth work began from the desire to be with women and support couples through the birthing process. Early on my career path, I was on track to work as a nurse in labor and delivery, but quickly realized, it wasn’t the outside medical picture I wanted to work on, but the more personal aspect of viewing the birthing person as an individual and supporting couples as a team. I wanted to improve their experience, be a sounding board, know how to help them cope and enjoy labor, and more! I remember sitting through my first doula training thinking, “I want to do that. I want to train doulas.” And now, I do. I not only make a difference for the couples I work for but countless others, as I train amazing doulas to go out and change the world by impacting lives.

Welcome New Birth Boot Camp DOULA Trainers

My journey into doula work really began in 2010, and I have spent countless hours in workshops, trainings, and achieving an applied bachelor’s degree to make myself a better doula. My goal is to impart those experiences and knowledge, combined with the amazing Birth Boot Camp DOULA Program, to influence the culture of birth and the support families receive, and to support other doulas on this influential career path.

On a personal note, I love spontaneity (perhaps this is why birth work is such a good fit for me) and climbing big peaks. I love the challenges of the mountains, and each mountain I climb gets a ‘birth story.'”

You can find Jen’s website here.

Welcome Doula Trainers!

A huge welcome to these two amazing ladies. We are excited for them and for all the thousands of lives they will touch as doula trainers. If you would like to join us as a doula, we would love to have you. You can find their trainings, as well as those of our other doula trainers here. Don’t worry, more 2019 doula training dates coming soon!