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H&H Award plaqueBirth Boot Camp has been honored to have so many amazing instructors who can be found across the country. Today we want to recognize one of them, Debbe Canonne. Debbe certified as an instructor in September at our San Clemente, CA training.  

Debbe volunteers as a doula with Heart & Hands, a volunteer doula program associated with the University of California in San Diego (UCSD). The UCSD Heart & Hands program strives to provide a doula for any woman who needs one birthing at their hospital. Debbe (who was also a doula at her own grandchild’s birth!) has volunteered for 675 hours with Heart and Hands and been present at a total of 42 births. Of those only 3 were cesarean sections, proof in and of itself that doulas are a powerful asset to a birth.  

Here is a picture of Debbe with her plaque:


And here is a picture of the gorgeous ice sculpture commemorating the unique, service oriented, doula program that Heart & Hands organizes for UCSD.  photo (2)

Debbe is also a certified lactation education counselor. After attending births she saw how many women needed help with breastfeeding immediately after the birth. She says,

“Even though this is the most natural way to feed a baby and babies are born with innate actions that assist them in doing this (smell, rooting, sucking, head bobbing, etc.), it is still a learning experience for both the new mother and her baby. I became a certified lactation education counselor (CLEC) soon after joining Hearts & Hands to facilitate that learning.”

We love having Debbe on the Birth Boot Camp team. Not only is she one of the most fun and energetic people you will ever meet, her experience and tenderness make her an asset to any birth.  

We love to hear why instructors chose to certify with Birth Boot Camp. Debbe says:  

“I choose Birth Boot Camp because of it’s strong evidence-based curriculum and great class materials-including the breastfeeding DVD. As a CLEC, I was totally impressed with the information on that DVD for new moms.”

Debbe-Cannone-WebDebbe is truly a great lady who strives to serve women in her community. If you are looking for a childbirth class or a doula in the San Diego area, check her out.  You can read more about Debbe on her website here-

Kudos to women like Debbe and organizations like Heart & Hands that are making knowledge and support related to birth more accessible for ALL women. We are glad to know you.


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