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There are three types of relaxation: mental, physical, and emotional. From everyday experiences, to pregnancy and even raising children and going through hard times, we find ways as humans to relax during stressful situations.

In our Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth Workshop you learn how to relax with all three types, especially for labor and delivery. Which is so important no matter if you are planning to have a medicated birth or not.

Three comfort measures I believe every couple needs to learn and practice is visual imagery, massage, and affirmations.

Visual Imagery

While this relaxation technique may not appeal to everyone, it’s actually a great way to mentally prepare for what relaxation should feel like, and can help guide you mentally into a state of producing more oxytocin for birth, by thinking about happy memories or going to a “happy place” in your mind.

Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone” is what your body naturally releases to help with the pain of childbirth.


Touch is another powerful tool for labor and relaxation – my personal favorite technique. During class we learn the appropriate ways to give a pregnant woman a massage. This is another important comfort measure to practise during pregnancy, and then to utilize for birth.

Massage not only helps to release oxytocin, and also helps to loosen the tension and tightness that moms often experience during labor as well.


Whether I’m teaching classes as an instructor or serving as a Birth Boot Camp Doula for families, affirmations is another important comfort measure we review, especially for dads. Emotional support is just as important for labor and birth, as physical support. Birth is a lot of mental work, and having your support team consistently support you with encouraging and uplifting words is just as important.

However, it’s important to learn a variety affirmations to use, so it doesn’t become too repetitive for mom – which can become more of a nuisance than help!

Affirmations are included in our class workbooks and our Supporting Arms Guide!

Want to learn more about each of these comfort measures, plus even more?! Find a Birth Boot Camp Instructor near you, and sign up today!

Hanan Webster, is a Birth Boot Camp Certified Birth DOULA and Instructor with a passion for serving families in her community, in Northern Utah. Her desire to provide couples with classes that include evidence based information and resources taught in a fun and interactive way to help make informed decisions and have the best birth experience possible. Her knowledge of birth, combined with my compassion, makes her an asset to every family. Check out her current class schedule, or schedule a free consultation with her at!

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