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Are you thinking about a home birth but wondering how to get started? Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

tips for choosing a home birth 

First, decide what you are looking for in a midwife. What things do you feel you will need at your birth in order to feel safe and happy? What kind of skills do you want your midwife to bring to the table?

Second, start talking to birth professionals- Doulas, natural childbirth educators, and experienced mothers in your area may be able to help you find a midwife who fits with you and has the skills and personality that you would like present at your birth. Once you get a good list of people, then start interviewing midwives. After an initial phone interview, you may decide to meet in person. Bringing your partner to this meeting may be a great idea. You will both be around her during the birth and it is important that you both have a good relationship with her.

Third, begin educating yourself. Choosing a home birth is just the beginning of your birth journey. You will benefit from a comprehensive childbirth class that covers relaxation and helps prepare your partner to help you. Reading books, especially those geared towards home birth, can help prepare your body and mind for the process.

Fourth, do everything possible to stay low risk and healthy so that you can get the birth you desire. Proper nutrition, chiropractic care, exercise, and, of course, education make a huge difference in having the joyous home birth you dream of.

Home birth is growing more popular and can be a wonderful option for the prepared family.