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It’s not uncommon for those who are pregnant, especially for the first time, to receive advice from family, friends, and those around them. Like any advice in life, you take it with a grain of salt. We recently asked some of our Birth Boot Camp doulas and childbirth instructors to tell us what were some things that they were told, that they would consider to be the WORST PREGNANCY ADVICE EVER!

Don’t make a birth plan because birth never goes according to “plan”. – Heather Walker, Postpartum Doula

“Just get the damn epidural. Going natural is just torture! Why do it to yourself?” – Jenica Burgan, UT doula


“Start preparing your nipples now by vigorously rubbing a wash cloth over them the last month of pregnancy.”

“You are acting out of ignorance [for doing an out of hospital birth].” – Caryn, Arlington, TX doula & instructor

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That I couldn’t take a freaking bath!!! I went my whole first pregnancy without a hot bath. – Shelby Tolar

To take castor oil not knowing dosage or effects in the “last” week of pregnancy to help aid. – Matteah Cruz, TX doula and instructor


You should start pumping at 34 weeks to make sure your milk comes in quicker and to be sure you have enough milk when baby is born!! – Robmikia Bailey-Holman, TX doula and instructor

You shouldn’t plan for a natural birth. You’re just going to end up getting meds anyway. – Cali Freely Sims, doula

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“Call me as soon as you go into labor and let me know” from grandma, aunt, whoever – Amanda Standlee, doula

To stop taking my metformin 😅 My midwife (who I left) told me it was bad for my baby and in reality it would have decreased her risk of developing diabetes ever and my risk of GD. Sandpaper on my nipples. That I don’t need a doula or birth class. Breastfeeding is easy. Not to eat fish. No baths. Letting my family disrespect my boundaries when it came to my birth. – Chloé Adams-Gibbs, doula and instructor

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I keep getting clients come in telling me they have only been sleeping on their left side. Who is telling pregnant moms to only sleep on the left side. That’s torture to only sleep one way your whole pregnancy. 🙁 – Mindy Moody Bigler, UT doula

What is the worst advice YOU have ever received?!

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