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Secrets to Solving Morning Sickness

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Secrets to Solving Morning Sickness

Secrets to Solving Morning Sickness

What is the first sign of pregnancy for many women? Morning sickness!

Are looking for some secrets to solving morning sickness? We want to help. Here are tons of ideas and secrets to solving morning sickness from moms who have been there and made it to the other side.

Will they all work for you? Maybe not, but something will help!


“I craved citrus, specifically the smell of grapefruit. I got myself a candle & sniffed it all the time.

I also eat through my nausea. Eating actually makes it better in my case. I gained the bulk of my weight in my first trimester, which freaked my providers out a bit. It leveled off after the nausea retreated though.”

Kim Graves, childbirth educator, Whidbey island, WA


Kacy Bunte, childbirth educator, Houston, TX

“Diclegis. And you can quote me on that. Thank goodness I never had to up it to Zofran.”

Alyssa M Densham, childbirth educator, Northern Virginia

Secrets to Solving Morning Sickness

“Eat what sounds good. Mexican food was all I could keep down for the first trimester. As awful as it sounds! My hubby was awesome and brought home Mexican food every night. (Had to be take out, not homemade.) Listen to your body and eat accordingly.”

Cheryl Amelang, childbirth educator, College Station, TX

“Drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing every morning helped with morning sickness AND heartburn later in pregnancy.”

Shazia Lackey, childbirth educator, Arlington, TX

“Ginger can help with nausea. Also, making sure not to let your stomach get too empty. I always had crackers, nuts, snacks by my bedside and in my purse so I could grab something quick. I also enjoyed sucking on hard candies for one pregnancy. Maybe because that helped my stomach always have something to work on.”

Cameo Sherman, doula, Bowie and Annapolis, MD

Secrets to Solving Morning Sickness

“I keep a mixture of ginger, apple cider vinegar, lemon and honey blended in water in the fridge. It has great probiotics and stomach soothing powers. Sometimes, just sucking on a lemon worked wonders. I never have true nausea, I get “oh man, my stomach is twisting and I keep burping/gagging” and eating through it is the only thing that helps. (Which is probably why I am sitting in maternity pants at 8 weeks.)”

Michelle Davidson, childbirth educator, Buda, TX

“Morning sickness was brutal for me. A typical morning before work looked like this: my husband cut up half a cantaloupe or honeydew melon and I ate that before getting out of bed (they are high in vitamin B), then I would suck on ginger chews while getting ready. On my way to work I would eat something high in protein, like an egg breakfast sandwich, then I would try to eat frequently throughout the day. I also squirted tons of fresh lemon in my water and that also helped throughout the day.”

Maryellen Yates, doula and childbirth educator, Lafayette, LA

“To survive nausea with my first pregnancy, I just kept reminding myself it would definitely end at least by the time the baby got here.  It was long lived…”

Brooke Harralson, doula, Denton, TX

“I made my husband in charge of food. I couldn’t think about it, I just had to eat. He put food in front of me, I ate it. Mostly. When you’re sick, the support system is the most important.”

Beth Dickerson, doula, DFW, TX

Secrets to Solving Morning Sickness

“Smoothies..the cold mixed with slow sipping eased the waves. Also, cold washcloths around the face and neck.”

Rachel Bradley, childbirth educator and doula, Sugarland, TX

“I needed bread to ease nausea but I know wheat bread has a high glycemic index, so I chose Ezekiel bread English muffins or clean sourdough bread in the mornings.”

Julia West, childbirth educator, Grapevine, TX

“Acupressure points just below the collar bones.”

Krisha Crosley, doula, DFW, TX

“I am currently trying the PSI for acupressure because none of the typical remedies have helped me. I know them all well.”

Katie Gaston Dudley, life coach and personal trainer, Atlanta, GA

“I kept crackers right by my bed and I would munch at least two before I got out of bed. I started that from the get-go and even though I was nauseated occasionally, I never vomited. On another note, doing some digging into emotional issues might be helpful. Although I didn’t struggle with this during my pregnancy, when I am particularly stressed I tend to vomit. Pregnancy can be stressful (obviously), so it’s a good idea to see what can be done to eliminate stressors or anxiety.”

Laura Simpson, childbirth educator, Cheyenne, WY


We hope there is something here that can help ease your morning sickness and pregnancy nausea. Sometimes if you being early, you can have a better pregnancy. If not, learning from other women and building a community of support is a key part of having a better pregnancy.

We hope that some of these secrets to solving morning sickness work for you!

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