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Reboot: The Birth Boot Camp Refresher Class

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Reboot: The Birth Boot Camp Refresher Class

reboot: the birth boot camp refresher class

At Birth Boot Camp we strive to help prepare couples for natural births through childbirth education (and doulas!) Every birth matters and merits the time and energy required to prepare for it.

Birth Boot Camp childbirth educators offer in-person childbirth education in two ways. First, and most commonly, our instructors offer 10 week childbirth education classes for couples planning a natural birth.

Our childbirth educators also offer a “Reboot” childbirth class designed for couples planning their second (or third or fourth…) natural birth. The Reboot refresher class is designed by your teacher just for you to address your particular concerns and needs for your subsequent natural births.

Reboot:The Birth Boot Camp Refresher

The Reboot Refresher booklet that each couple receives with their class.

Included in your class is the Reboot Refresher booklet. This booklet contains the the basics from the Birth Boot Camp Field Manual like the tips for labor and the basic outline of labor. But more than the Reboot booklet, your class will cover the things you need to feel ready for your birth.

Lasting just one or two nights (we love to have our instructors cater this class just to your needs so we don’t have a strict schedule), you will have a chance to practice, talk, relax, and prepare. Often, the Reboot Refresher has several couples so there is a chance to communicate with one another about your past births and your future concerns and excitement.

reboot- the birth boot camp refresher

Spending time with others in a similar place in life offers comfort and support.

Why should you take a Reboot Refresher class when you already have the experience of one natural birth?

~It gives you a chance to focus on this baby and this pregnancy. Each birth deserves that dedicated time!

~The Reboot Refresher gives you a chance to discuss your fears, concerns, questions and events of your last birth. Often couples find that they had things to discuss they never realized they did.

~The Reboot Refresher helps you connect with other people in a similar life situation. As you add children and get busier, this can get harder and harder.

~There is always more to learn! Even people who have welcomed many children and studied extensively can forget things and can relish the opportunity to learn more.

~A focused time for learning like the Reboot Refresher forces you to carve out some time for this birth. This is harder and harder to do as life moves forward and gets busier, but it is never more important than during pregnancy!

Find a Birth Boot Camp instructor near you so that you can take the time to prepare for THIS baby and this birth. Don’t be caught off guard in the middle of labor because you forgot to prepare. You CAN have another amazing birth! Education makes the difference!


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